Monthly Favourite's From May

A few products I reached out for alot during the month of May that I am LOVING...

♥Simple Range Make-up Wipes, Moisturiser and Cleanser
I brought a new skin care range this month and got all the same oil blanceing products in the same range by 'Simple'. They really have done my skin alot of good with keeping oil at bay and mattafying my face and keeping it clean.

♥Body Shop Mango Body Butter
I've been meaning to get this for awhile. I decided on the biggest 400gram product for the fact it was a better deal in size and price. Smells A-Maze and leaves my skin super soft.

♥Katy Perry Perfume
I got this for my birthday and I love, love, love the scent! It came with the handbag 15ml size and it's very handy for keeping in my bag to freshen up when its needed.

♥Mac Fix+ Spray
Sprayed onto my face before I apply my make-up and after I've finished to set my make-up. Going great so far and along with my new skin care has left my face matte and oil free with my make-up staying on all day.

♥YSL Lipstick- Rouge Volupte
I've had this lippy for awhile now and the colour and packaging is stunning! I wore this lippy for my birthday night out and have been wearing it every now and again during the day. It's a stunning colour! When it's on your lips it kind of smells and tastes like watermelon. I LOVE THIS LIPPY!

♥Katy Perry OPI's Nail Polish
I've never owned a glittery polish before so this was my first one and it is an amazing colour! Been wearing it on my nails and toes all this month! Painted over a coat of pink nail polish its gourgeous!

♥Elenette Hairspray
I love this hair spray purely for the fact that at the strock of a brush it brushes out and doesn't leave your hair chrispy or sticky. Great for my hair and extensions after being curled as I don't need to wash them everytime I use hairspray. Also I hate hair sprays that have a strong smell that makes you feel sick and leaves a lingering alochal- like taste/smell, this hairspray has a nice, not-so-strong smell that still has a great strong hold on hair.

♥Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
(Forgot to include Mascara in Photo, that's why it has been copy and pasted in LOL) Such a good Mascara! Have had it a little while now and use it everyday love the effect it gives on my lashes. Only bad thing I can say is that it's a little dry and flakes. I have just brought a new one today due to being dried out. BUT I did re-purchase it as I do like it and recommend you try it out!

What's on YOUR Monthly Favourite's List?


  1. The YSL lipstick is such a gorgeous colour! I've seen loads of beauty bloggers posts about, and I have fallen in love! :) I love the OPI nail polish too, that's also a lovely colour!


  2. I love that nail varnish too! It's definitely one of my favourites at the minute.
    I really want to try the Katy Perry perfume. The bottle looks so cute :)

    Shannon xx

  3. The Body Shop Mango Body Butter was one of my fav products for the month of May too. It's gorgeous!

  4. I Looooove the falsies mascara, but I have noticed that it gets really flakey too! Think I'm due for a new one! I really wanna smell the Katy Perry perfume, I have heard so many great things about it!! xx

  5. I also use the Maybelline mascara. It's one of my favorites! :)


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