How- To: Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily

I wanted to share with you Babes a wee trick too help remove glitter nail polish eaisly.
If you paint your nails with Glitter polish you may know it's great at lasting a long time with rarely any chipping, but when it comes time for you too re-fresh or want to change the colour it is a major job in trying to get it off your nails!

Many of you may know this trick already but I'll put it up anyway for those of you who don't. I used this for the first time in a long time the other night when I re-freshed and painted my toes and added my new OPI 'Shutter' polish.

You will need:

♥ Nail Polish Remover

♥ Cotton Pads- 8 cut in half for smaller toes/fingers and 2 full ones for your big toes/thumbs. (This depending how big all your toes and fingers are)

♥ Kitchen Foil

The Process:

- Step 1
Pour nail polish remover onto clean cotton pad and place onto toe/finger..

(Sorry for blurry picture, camera would not co-operate and focus!)

- Step 2
Leave cotton pad on toe/finger and wrap foil around to secure in place.

- Step 3
Carry on with all toes/fingers on both feet and hands and leave on for 5minutes.

(Looks abit like Alien- toed shoes)

- Step 4
After the 5minutes is over, grab and wiggle foil and the cotton pad off toe/finger and WOLLAH! Your glitter polish should have slid off super eaisly leaving you with clean, polish free toes/fingers.

- Step 5
Remove excess polish from toe/finger were needed and then update your unpolished toes/fingers with a new fresh coat of vanish.

I re-freshed my toes and re-painted with..

(OPI- Base Coat, Pinking Of You, Teenage Dream, Black Shutter, Topcoat)

My finished tootsies..

Some of you were asking what shade my peppermint nail polish was after posting picture on my Foxy Locks Hair Extensions review. I used the OPI Justin Bieber Range called 'My LifeSaver'.

I hope this trick was handy in helping you remove your nightmare-ish glitter polish from your nails!
Also LOVE my new Shutter polish.. Have you guy's purchased it yet?


  1. Ohhh, haha I never knew this! Thanks so much for the tip!! Will make things a lot easier! I also looove that nail polish but I have only used mine once! Will do it tonight!! xx

  2. you alien freak!!!!
    haha. love that shutter polish...stealing it when i get 'home' xxxx

  3. Just used this tip and was skeptical - that polish is so hard to get off. Well, this trick worked a charm. What did people do before the internet?


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