Got Ink?

I thought I'd do a wee post on me and my tattoos today as I love seeing other peoples ink, piercings etc. I find them so interesting and personally love them if they are not offencive or gang-related! I think they should be personal too you, have meaning and be a reflection of yourself and the way you live your life.
I am currently thinking about getting a new tattoo on my wrist but have had mixed thoughts about it. I have been looking at a certain design for the past year and I am IN LOVE with it!! Plus I have always wanted a tattoo on my wrist, so really a tattoo I love + a place I really want to get it = Perfect! I'm just abit worried about getting it on my wrist because if one day I find a job I want that doesn't accept visible ink, I'm pretty much screwed! I have a few friends with wrist tattoos and I know they can be eaisly covered up so that make's my decision lean more onto the yes side.
These are my current tattoos:

My first tattoo's which I got on my hip.

These's symbols are Chinese. One means LOVE and the second is a semi-designed one which is half of STRENGTH in a chinese symbol and half of a love heart attached at the end for meaning strength- in- love. Me and my best friend got this done before I moved country. We are both still close now and I do love this tatt.. When I was 18 I got it extended with the swirls and stars. This tattoo is actually really low down so even when I'm wearing a bikini you can only see some of the top swirl.

The second tattoo I got is on my rib cage..

'Every song has an end, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music'.
I live by this quote and any quotes that explain your life. I got this quote from my favourite TV programe, funny enough! This was said while watching One Tree Hill and I loved it! It basically means that even though every life comes too an end it doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it and live it too the full anyway! I live and agree with this 100%. This tattoo was the sorest one I've had so far and very akward to get done. I absolutely love it though!

The third tattoo I got is on my foot..

'One Step At A Time'.
Again, another quote I love. Yes I do realise I got it on my foot and this means its very Ironic with what the tattoo says. HAHA (alot of people like to point this out). I love this tattoo. It has been very well done and I think looks very cute poking out of the top and sides of my heels. Even though sometimes I try to take 3steps at a time and end up tripping over myself daily, I again just remind myself to take one step at a time in life. There's no need to rush though life. Things happen when they are supposed too happen. Let it be. Over come certain obstacles by taking One step at a time. This is supposed to be one of the sorest places too get a tattoo as your foot is so boney, but honestly I found the major cramp that was happening in my leg was far worse!

My forth tattoo on my wrist..

I have had a certain design thought up in my head for over a year now I just need to let loose and get it done! I think after saving for my new IPhone 4, I may take the blunge and do it!

Here's some tattoo's I found online which are also super cute!

So Babes... Got Ink??


  1. I love your tattoos!! They are in such amazing places too, I have always wanted one on my foot and ribs!! As you probably already know, I have one on my wrist, and I say go for it!! Honestly it is so easy to cover up with bangles or a watch, people hardly notice mine!! xx

  2. OMG loving your tattoos! I love the first one especially it says "love" in chinese writing <3 very cute. I have always wanted a tat on my rib cage too ! I got no tat atm and I have always wanting one but still havent decided what to get ... :/ its a pretty hard decision tbh..!

    Btw its good that mac primer one works for you ! I have tried smashbox one but it didnt really do anything in fact my face gone shiny as usual lol. but hope this illamasqua one works !

  3. I really want the one like miley cyrus! It looks gorggggg.



  4. I also awarded you the best blog award :) x

  5. hey sis, naturally your blog is the best so here you go!



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