Girl Crushin: Kim K

My current make-up crush.. actually, scratch that and make that my DAILY make-up crush.. I'm sure MANY of you will agree with me when I say she's a pure beauty with or without make-up, has killer style and an amazing body any women would be proud of.

..and I can't forget to mention her famous curves and amazing ka- bootie that comes with it!

Yes ladies, I'm talking about Kim Kardashian!
Kim is my Make-Up..


 And Style.. 


She always looks polished, with her hair and make-up sitting right and perfect in every photo snapped of her. If only ours would do the same on a daily basis too right girls!?

Kim is truely gourgeous and so confident in herself. I think a great role model for any girl too look up too!

Also I think she deserves some form of reward for being able too walk in 5inch heels 24/7 a day!
Kim, please share your secret with me?!?!

My current girl crush of the month!
Kim Kardashian: What a babe!♥


  1. i love her hair, make up, fashion, personality and yes definitely her bodyyyyyy! so jealous i totally wanna be like her :O

    by the way i love your previous post that you posted before this kims post. you gave me confident and i love how you are so positive about yourself and that you think others should be like you! im always considering myself that i am not beautiful/pretty and make up is really my life. i can not live without it ! i always thought that i wish i was more prettier so i dont have to wear much make up... but i gotta know that im born this way and realised that i have to take the reality (: i love your posts you are super inspiring to me babe x

  2. She's gorgeous, it's sad she felt the need to rely on plastic surgery to feel confident...

  3. Love her style. I have a celebrity post on her too. I really like her smokey eyes-look and I think she almost always wears outfits that flatter her body.
    Also, I was wondering if you could help me with this:


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