Get In My Life...

Babes.. I am seirously starting to think I may need a white Iphone 4 in my life.

Especially since my Blackberry has decided the last 6months that it wants to freeze and annoy the life out of me!! I have a BB curve and have just been told majority of the curves were made and had an accidental fault in them!
I've had mine around 2years now and it's not completely screwed but the amount of money I'd try spend fixing it I may as well put towards a lovely new Iphone. I feel like such a trader though switching to the enemy.. LOL, But if it works better, Why not?
Since the white one has just come out and is looking rather dashing it has made me want it even more! Especially when I found this picture of one with a pink cover..

Ohhhh!!! If it's pink, It'll be exactly what mine will look like.. Saving has begun!

Sexy Iphone 4.. GET IN MY LIFE!


  1. I think you should!! I loooove the white one! xx

  2. I want an iPhone too. They look so stylish! :P

    I have a contest on my blog right now. Please check it out and participate. :)

  3. OMG i want iphone 4 too ! but im thinking of getting an iphone 5 or either getting 6 which is apparently coming up next year :/ they keep making new ones LOL x

  4. hey sweetie, im gonna make a post about where i got my shoes from later on. the reason why i dont make a post about it is because the shoes were bit small for meeee :( and that was not the only thing... one of the stones fell out so i emailed em that i'd like to exchange it. that way, i can see if they are one of those good companies that take exchanges fast and respond to customers emails asap so i could tell if they have a great customer service you know. i dont wanna tell other people that this web site is great when they have a sh*t service LOL. you know what i mean.

    sooo.... just wait a lil while and im gonna post information about this web-site about shipping speed, prices, if its worth it to purchase from them and stuff like that (;

  5. iphone is the best thing ever happened to me :))

  6. I've been dying to get one of these for a while but I have a year til my contract renews itself :(



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