Dinner, Shopping, Babes and Bestie's

One of my best friends that moved too Australia at the beginning of the year came home for a couple days before she sets off on a 10day cruise (I know, lucky for some!).

I caught up with her on Wednesday night for a nice meal, lots of gossip and a few silly photos in the bathroom.
We have planned a night together when she gets back from her cruise as she has a week before she heads back to Aussie. We plan to hang out and have a few drinks, or in her terms get ''shit faced''. Then we were thinking about lunch then having a lazy, pamper day! Sounds A-maze too me and I cannot wait to chill out with her. Be sad when she heads back and leaves me all over again though!! *Tear*

Here's a few silly photos from Wednesday night for some entertainment..

Haha, What a Babe, Love Her!!
Gotta love the comfort of best friends where you can afford the time to be silly with them.

Also I did abit of shopping today with a girl I work with called Liana. It was our day off so we had a scrummy lunch then went and got a few bits and pieces..

Bank Balance is a tad sore at the moment!!

I purchased this Napoleon ''Blush Patrol'', I've had my eye on it for a little while. I never jumped at the chance of getting it though as it is super, super shimmery!

I hate shimmer on my face unless it's on my eyes, but this caught my attention and thought it gave a nice flush of colour and highlight. Bonus getting it today also as it was 10% off and came with a free brush. This is the second thing I've brought from the Napoleon brand and so far I'm really liking it. This may be used more so for going out than everyday but liking having abit of shimmer for a change.

I got these super cute pair of leather gloves from work! Great for driving when my hands are freezing as they grip the steering wheel. (Safety first babes!)

This perfume 'CKin2U' was on sale so I picked it up as I've had it before and it was one of my favourites! Have You's smelt it?? It is YUMMY!!! I love perfume!! I swap and change mine everyday, my perfume wish list is never ending!
This tube beside the perfume is a shaving cream, pretty boring I know but the packaging was cute and it smelt nice! (Tea Tree, good for opening up the pores).  
Also In the big picture I brought some new shaving heads but they are abit boring too put in a photo by themselves but you guys properly get the gist of why I got them right!? No? I ran out.. so I got new ones.. LOL
And yes underwear!! I am so addicted to purchasing underwear, I buy them all the time, these 3 I got on sale for only $10!! What a bargain!! 2days ago I also purchased 5 other pairs for only $21! You can never have too many pairs of underwear I say!

Winter has been freezing!!!!!
So along with a spooning buddie I recommend a Oneys! This is Liana and I today trying some on. How cute are these? Also so warm! I'm yet to find a fabulously, adorable, pink one!!

Busy weekend ahead! Family coming over from Aussie, friends coming home from uni, maybe going to check out hotties playing rugby tomorrow then followed by a wee night out with Liana, work on Sunday.. Busy but fun times!! Also so excited to know that Chloe will be home on Monday!! I get my twin back!!
What's your guys plans for the approaching weekend??


  1. Looks like you had a great time! :)
    I think those gloves are so adorable and I was wondering..what other perfumes do you like? Cause I'm thinking of buying a new one and I can't decide what to get.

  2. Cute snaps, loving the onesies!
    The napoleon blush looks pretty. I rarely check out napoleon but may have to pay them a visit :)

  3. haha love the onesies!! and you both look gorgeous in your pics! xxx

  4. the onesie is so cute! there is a pink version in primark at the moment :) xx


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