Deceiving Little Thing That Bottle..

I honestly have no idea how I survived without my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer before I discovered it nearly 2 years ago.

I have noticed how much my eyeshadows crease and wear away during the day when I don't use it. Or in my case, use the little product thats been left and have been trying to scrape out for the last month!

This my friends.. is a very deceiving bottle shape. A very annoying deceiving bottle shape should I say! I've been upset since I came to the conclusion my favourite eyeshadow primer has gotton too its last use and I need to order a new one. I was even more upset when I discovered New Zealand doesn't sell Urban Decay and the Urban Decay website does not ship internationally!
So Sunday when I was cleaning out my make-up draws I thought, 'Why not cut it open and scrape out what I can'. The dofa applicator brush wasn't reaching alot of product any more and I had a small clear container I could put any product into that I managed to get out.
I am so glad I did this!! HELLO, lots more product!!
I was so happy and suprised the amount of product I scraped from the inner corners of this little bottle! I filled a whole tester sized container full of primer!!

This will last me quite a long time and because there is a good amount of product here I can use the amount required to get the full benefits of this product. I suggest when you think your running low you cut that sucker open! It's properly lying too you!
It was abit of a challenge cutting into this bottle as it is a very hard, think plastic, but get a sharpe knife and keep your fingers from blades reach and you'll hopefully have yourself some more product!

This is the best eyeshadow primer I've used and untill I can replace it for another Urban Decay one I want to hold onto this as long as I can!! It holds your eyeshadow all day and because of this Primer Shade 'Sin' which is a bronzy champagne colour it acts as a really good base to give your eyeshadow a nice glow and sheen that make's your shadow colours pop and stand out or can be worn alone for a nice effect and to hold eyeliner. Best eyeshadow primer I've used and well recommended!


  1. Hi, cute blog :)
    I totally agree, the packaging of this sucks! I haven't tried it in sin, maybe I will branch out next time.

  2. You've been tagged :)

  3. What a brilliant idea!
    I'd never thought of cutting open the products before, thank you :)

  4. Thanks for the tip! I have this but the normal one, and it's pretty good!

  5. I tried NYX's HD one and got through a summer day with no creasing and I crease before I leave out the door lol

  6. All cosmetics wholesale sell these. With like urban decays random palletes, book of shadows etc. Idk how legit the website is though. Shaaanxo shops it, so...


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