Change.. Again? Really? Okay!

Would you believe it if I told you I wanna change my hair.. again?
After only blogging about changing it HERE, HERE and my big post on all my changes HERE you would think I'd slow down a little right?
It's as if I have OCD with it and just need change in my life!! It's good, I mean I have always been happy with the way I change my hair but I just do it a little too often? At least I can say I've had nearly every colour and style and have tried it all once!
The change I want now however is nothing too major.. I love my colour, style, extensions.. Its just that darn fringe that annoys my life.

Side Fringe

No matter what colour, style, length it was and/or is, I always go back to pulling it to the side and most days now I wear it too the side as its just easy and usally (if it sits right that day) suits me.

I've also tried other partings like these but always change back to the side for conveience..

Middle parted..


The last few days I've been wearing it middle parted, though I have a mini love/ hate realationship going on with my 5 head!
I'm currently thinking of getting a full fringe cut. I'm just not too sure.. I only had the fringe once and I cut it myself (mental note, do not do it yourself!) but can't honeslty don't remember how long I kept it for before I moved onto a different style with it.
I keep thinking about a fringe then forgetting it and thinking about it again. Even though a few days ago I told myself I'd grow my fringe out long and start middle parting it. I think it's fine when I style it myself and it's okay during the day (most of the time) but in pictures and while looking in mirrors during the day its such a let down!!
What do you girl's think?

Seeing people with fringes in pictures make me want one!

(This babe suits every hair style)

Even if it turns out that I don't like it, I could sweep it too the side and grow it out too a side fringe!

Decisions, decisions.. Me and My hair! When will it end?


  1. yess me too i always go back to side fringe too lol. but i thought about it and that i should just go which ever, side fringe or just separate in middle when ever i'm in mood and feel like it. xxx

  2. I do that too, move from straight across fringe to side swept bangs. But I think the straight across fringe requires a little bit more work to make it look great throughout the entire day.
    Btw, I think all of your hairstyles suit you :)

  3. ohh thank you babe :( you cheered me up! yeah i gotta accept the reality aye that i can't change myself unless i have a plastic surgery or something though. i always get depressed about bad i look :( !

    btw she got it from this asian mobile phone store haha.

    i think you dont need a lip plumper at all ! i mean my lips are pretty okay with out it aswell but i just wanted to see what it would do to me haha. i always loved your lips ! they are so like... nice shaped lips haha oh god i sound like a lesbo right now :/

    yeah i will post a review about it soon hun (;

  4. you look like a barbie doll in the blonde picture! :)
    i think you should get a full fringe again, if you dont like it when its cut you can always knock it to the side!xx


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