Best Blog Award

Today I logged onto my blog too see I had be awarded 'Best Blog Award' from Hannah Michelle and Chloe.
They are both lovely and have amazing Blogs, if you haven't already go check them both out!
Thank You both for awarding me.
The Rules...
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself
(I've done this a few times already HERE and HERE so go check them out)
3. Award 15 blogs
4. Answer the following questions

Name your favourite colour - Pink, Of corse!
Name your favourite song - A Drop in the ocean- Ron Pope
Name your favourite desert - Oooo, Pavlova, Nom, Nom!!
What is pissing you off? - Nothing at the moment :)
When your upset, you? - Go quite, say what I feel, go quite again..
Your favourite pet - My cat Milly

Black or White? - Black! It goes with everything
Your biggest fear? - Fire, I've had a bad expeirence with it so definitely fire
My best feature is - My big lips or my big bootie which I've actually won an award for, HAHA

Everyday attitude - Be happy, Live for me.
What is perfection - Perfection is doing what you want in life, persuising your dreams and living the way you want to live. Not letting anyone tell you otherwise.
Guilty pleasure - A yummy cupcake and pamper days.

I'm going to award only a few this blog because these are the girls blog I love reading and make sure I check daily for new posts. I love them and I'm sure you will too, so go for a nosey..

Congratulations Baby Cakes!!


  1. ohhh wow im like right at the top ! thanks soooo much babe ! xxxx

  2. Yay, you deserve it!! I love the award you won rear of the year!! Haha!! xx

  3. That's so sweet, we will be doing this today xo

  4. Aww that's so sweet! Thanks hun :) xx


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