WooHoo, Got My Foxy Locks Hair Extensions

Hello my Beauties!


Prettiest packaging ever!
I've ovbiously just turned this around so my address is not showing, but I recieved my new extensions in this pretty pink enevlope.

Pretty pink packaging with the gourgeous Imogen (owner and creator of Foxy Locks) on the back with a few instructions on caring for your new extensions.

As I mentioned in my previous birthday post, these extensions have been on my wish list for a little while now and when I got back from my shopping trip in Auckland I ordered the Foxy Locks Hair Extensions.
I have been through so many sets of extensions through out my hair-life- I did a post HERE on different styles I've had.

The last set of extensions I got was last december from the UK and that was the American Dream brand. I've trimmed, layered them into my hair and now they are short, a different shade to my hair colour and a little.. okay, alot, worse for wear! I always thought these were good quality.. that was untill I purchased Foxy Locks!
I was beyond happy to order and recieve some new, fresh ones and get long hair back again. I've been growing my hair out for a few years now since I cut it up RiRi style. My hair is growing and I'm so happy about that, but untill its the length I want it at, I'll settle with fake long hair, I love hair extensions, they just make me feel pretty and more girly!

I came across Imogen on youtube one day and instantly clicked the subscribe button. Shes a beautiful girl from England who runs FoxyLocks. She has great tutorials for everything from hair, make-up, and hauls and I truely love her channel. Since discovering her I have heard so many good reviews on the Foxy Locks Extensions and decided to fork out a little extra for these good quality ones. I can tell you in my honest option, these are the BEST extensions I have EVER, EVER had, seen and felt. They are truely amazing and beyond luxurious feeling. They are 20'' and are right down to my waist.
I love how long they are but have cut half and inch off as they were a little too long for me. They are a slight shade darker than what my hair is now but would have matched perfectly when I first dyed my hair. This is not a problem as I am planning on dying my hair abit darker again as I can see the red coming through from the last time I had it done and I'm loving this dark shade ATM!

They are super thick! The thickest I've ever had extensions and I it think makes it blend alot eaiser and look more natural in your hair, especially at the ends. There not thin and straggly like most extensions are at the ends.

These extensions are truely amazing! I payed $160 for these includeing insured postage and they got here really fast! Only 10days from the UK too NZ! Yay for worldwide shipping!

This is a little information on the set I ordered and information about FoxyLocks taken from the website http://foxylocksextensions.com

Deluxe 20-inch Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Off Black 1B

20" 10 piece set (Full head):
One x 8" wide with 4 clips
One x 7" wide with 4 clips
Two x 6" wide with 3 clips
Two x 4" wide with 2 clips
Four x 1" wide with 1 clip
(Approx measurements)

Foxy Locks Deluxe sets are one of the thickest clip in hair extensions on the market!
The weight of the pure stunning hair is 160 grams!
Whilst most other sellers only sell 70-100 grams of hair, making ours the thickest.
Transforms flat, lifeless hair into voluminous, long gorgeous locks!
100% Remy silky smooth tangle free human hair.


If your looking for high quality hair extensions LOOK NO FURTHER! These are amazing and so worth the money! I highly recommend these and I will definitely be re-purchasing from Foxy Locks in the future when mine need replacing.

Results: 5/5!!

Also I took my gel nails off and have decided on not getting them done again for a little while. Just for a change since I always get them done. I brought this gourgeous peppermint colour the other day and I'm loving the shade, even though its Autum here.. Hehe Owell!!


  1. Oh they look gorgeous, I love them. I wish I could get extensions but I get so lazy and can't take care of them. They look so gorgeous, and I am loving your dark hair too! What brand is the nail polish I love the colour!

  2. I have the same exact hair extensions! How gorgeous are they and so very long! You look gorgeous =]

  3. Ohh wow these look amazing on you! They really are so thick, and look very natural! You look gorgeous in these pics! xx

  4. The look amazing! You look lovely in those photos hun! Love the nail colour! xx

  5. wow you look super amazing ! love your hair and your turquoise nail polish :O ♥

  6. O M G .. they're amazing!!! you are hot! can't believe i wasnt there to see them first..boooo.... :( eeek im excited for you lol!xxxxx

  7. really pretty. Love the nail polish too! x

  8. Lovely review, I have had foxy locks extensions since last year and really love them!

  9. I am thinking I will just have to get these!

  10. Without a doubt Foxylocks are the best! I bought mine and would never buy anything else now. Even thought of going darker (I'm a lightish blonde atm) and will probably buy a new set when I do (I've already had to colour mine once!). Loved the review and the nail colour! Mel :) xxx

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