Pretty Little Liars And Update

I have become abit obsessed with Pretty Little Liars lately! Seirously think it'll be added too my list of episode box sets I want to buy.

Totally in love with Aria's (Lucy Hale) make-up look and hair. It's the perfect everyday natural make-up look and her hair always sits perfect. Now I know they have a stylist and artist to fuss over them on every scene but it's still amazing!!

Sitting infront of the TV tonight, enjoying a wee cupcake my Aunty made, waiting for Drop Dead Diva to begin.

So excited for this Friday, my day off and a wee pamper day to prepare for my 21st- Yeee! So excited to be getting my hair and nails done. Still not sure what nail design to get but want to get maybe a bit of glitter and a few diamante's.

Though sadly on Tuesday while closeing up in work I accidently ripped part of my nail off my index finger! ARGHH, its sooo sore! Because I get natural gel overlays it ripped right down about a millimetre into the skin that attaches the nail to the nail bed! :( Not sure if I'll even be able to get a nail tip put on its so short, and also it's still healing so the glue would just hurt me!


  1. Ohhhh I love pretty little liars so much, and aria is certainly my favourite! I just started reading the books the other night and they are equally just as amazing. Yay for Friday, that'll be such a relaxing day and how exciting for your birthday!! Sucks so bad about your nail though, nails ripping off are such a baaad pain xxxxx

  2. I love Pretty Little Liars! I can't wait for series 2! xxx

  3. Thanks, yes I'm married and I can't believe you went through my whole blog! LOL I guess you can see a little transformation that way and how pictures aren't size correctly haha!

    I've never watched pretty little liars but I do love Lucy Hale's look as well. And you're turning 21? Exciting, hopefully your nail heels by then - by the end of the day you'll be having too much fun to notice it anyways!

  4. HAPPY 21st babe ! Hope you having a amazing day and getting lots of pressies ♥

    Get some sigma brushes when you save up next hun :P

  5. HAPPY 21st babe! Hope you are having a amazing day and getting lots of pressies ♥

    Well get some sigma brushes when you next get paid or something :P x


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