New Hair, New Nails, Haul,

Hey Doll's! How was your friday?
I had the day off work today and so far it's been great! Now I didn't get a sleep in, but I did have a great pamper day for myself. Got my hair cut and dyed this morning, also got my nails done- bitta bling for the day of birth next week and did a teeny bit of shopping.

If you've read my previous post you'd know I've been super excited about getting my hair done! Finally I'm put out of my misery!

Here was me with messy, fluffy hair this morning..

Then me and my new bap, all finished..

Super dark brown, looks black in this picture but in natural light its more dark brown. Changed the side my fringe falls on and I'm free of the red! WOO HOO!
I LOVE IT! Also I love the hairdresser I went too, she was so good, great price and so friendly. It feels 100x better and gonna be soooo much eaiser for me to straighten once washed.
Very happy with the result!

Also my nails have been looking abit worse for wear lately, I really should have got them re-done last week sometime but wanted to stretch them out as close too my birthday as possible. Usually I get gel overlays over my natural nails but unfortunately I had a few accidents in work and broke a few. :( So I got some tips and abit of acrylic for strength on a few. This time I got my nails done a little differently..

Deep purple tips with suttle pink/silver glitter (not really noticable in picture) and a wee diamante in the middle.

The two rings I brought from work yesturday as soon as they came in!
They are gorgeous!

I also purchased these pretty flirty, corner eyelashes for partying next week, and the new Katy Perry OPI polish in shade 'Teenage Dream'.

Painted my toosies. So pretty!
I'm seirously in love with everything today!



  1. Your hair looks lovely! You look so different in the photos.
    Also love both of those rings!
    I need my nails doing, but I'm not allowed acrylics at work :(
    I hope you have an amazing birthday :)

  2. Love your new hair! xxx

  3. Your hair looks lovely, and those two rings are so pretty! Love the nail varnish aswell!

    Also, I'm having a giveaway for a Sigma makeup brush, if you'd link to enter -

    Thanks, Love Hannah xxx

  4. I love your hair! Looks gorgeous :) xx

  5. Ohhh your hair is gorgeous! Glad you liked the lady you went to! Loving the nails, that nail polish colour is so pretty!! xx


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