My Teeth Whitening Mission: The Results!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in a post that I was trying out Advanced Vivid Crest Whitestrips. I have finished the process and thought I'd let you all know how I got along with a full review and before and after pictures.

You recieve 14 of these foil packages inside the product box.

These are what the gel strips look like inside the packages.

The Low Down Of The Product & My Teeth

The kit comes with 14 sets of upper and lower strips. In the process you apply a set every day for 14days, leaving them on for half and hour each time. The strips stick very firmly to the teeth during the half hour process so your still able to talk. I generally applied them in the evening, before bed.

I don't have perfect teeth, however they aren't anything to complain about really. They were never badly discoloured to begin with and also they are really straight (minus one tooth), they are just a little spaced apart at the bottom. I've never had braces, but proberly would have benefited from them when I was younger for the spaces that are now there. At age 16 I got my tongue pierced and had it in for 2years. Unfortunalty in that time it chiped 3 of my front teeth.. (1 of my main 'buck' teeth, and the 2middle ones on the bottom) Again nothing major but just annoying on close ups like this!

So, drum roll please... un-sightly photos ahead..



I think there is a big improvement on the whiteness of my teeth, and I'm totally loving it, makes me want to smile even more than usal! Though I honestly think they could go another few shades whiter if I got them professionally done or re-use this product again in another 6-12months.
The Advanced Strips claim that you can notice results after 3day's of using the product! I completely agree and noticed a shade brighter on the 3-4th day.

Alot of people have been afraid to use these because of the amount of people that have complained about the increased sensitivity of your teeth during the process. When mentioning this product the first time on my blog I said how I felt major shooting pains of sensitivity within the first 5minutes. This was actually really painful as it felt like it was shooting up into the nerves of my teeth. This only happened the one time though! On day 7 of using the product untill about the 10th day, I started feeling my bottom teeth becoming sensitive, even when I wasn't eating, drinking or using the product. It wasn't too sensitive, just an annoyance I could tell was there. After that I was fine and did not experience any major sensitivity at all! Which I was so glad about!

There is no strong smell to the strips, though there is a funny taste. Nothing too bad or strong, just odd.

One thing I did not like about this product was that the bottom strip was too short. It fit upto my too bottom ''fang teeth'' and didn't reach around anymore. A little extra length would of been perfect! I think you can now order them in a longer bottom length so thats good for me to know for next time.

This is a picture taken at the weekend.. They even glow in UV light!
How cool is that? I'm like Ross from that eposide on friends! HAHA!!

The Mission Result:
Passed!! I'm Happy and Smiling. Highly Recommended!


  1. They look brilliant!! I love Crest whitening strips :) xx

  2. Ohh, thanks for the review! Your teeth changed so much wow, and if you did it again they would be even whiter! They look amazing though, I'm glad there was not too much pain!! xxx

  3. LOL it's okay I always get comments about my teeth, but I used crest strips just like you! I Haven't done it since high school (which is over 3 years ago!!) but that just goes to show how long lasting the whitening is. I also agree with slight sensitivity but nothing extreme and it's worth it LOL And it's very important to follow the directions and not put them on right after you just brushed your teeth. I learned the hard way (it burns and leaves your gums white because your gums are slightly ripped from the brushing ).

  4. love your blog so much hun. you should get some purple eye shadows! i found out that they are so pretty when you do smokey eyes using em!

    i wanna try that! where can you get it from?? :D xx

  5. Looking good! It's great to look at the before and then look at the results of your teeth whitening. You can really tell the difference between the two, and it's great that you're very happy about the results you've acquired.

    -Bradley Bedell


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