May Wish List

Okay so my wishlist's are pretty much never ending but I thought I'd show you guys what on my CURRENT wish- listed mind..

♥Sigma brushes- These brushes were on my last wishlist posed HERE, but in pink. Ovbiously I have not yet ordered any and have changed my mind from my favourite colour pink to the black as they look more professional and sleek. I'm thinking of ordering these next week as I've heard so many good things about them!

♥St. Tropez Bronzing Moose- I was never a big fake tanning person untill I met one of my best friends who is a HUGE fake tanning fan. When I first started using it I purchased St.Moriz because it was cheap and had heard it was the knock off to St.Tropez. I've thought lately I've been finding my Moriz isn't darking my legs as much as my body so I was considering buying St.Tropez, but at a pricey $86 have been re-thinking that decision. Has anyone tried or use this product at the moment? What do you think of it? Yay or nah!?

♥Paul's Boutique Purse- I'm still on the hunt for a cute purse! This one caught my eye because of the pink stripe and thought it would go cute with my handbag, plus it's currently on sale at I ♥ PB and this one is rather cute.. Decisions, decisions!!

♥Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty- I used this blush on my birthday and have fallen in love with the shade, it gives a gourgeous pink flush to the cheeks. The blush I used on my birthday was Chloe's, now I want my own!!

♥This Gourgeous coloured leopard print dress by Lipsy. currently being sold on the asos website.. IN LOVE WITH IT!

♥Miss Selfridge Limited Edition Bow Wedge Shoes- How cute are these? I've recently spotted them on the Miss Selfridge website and I want, want, want! Loving both the colours, just not sure which ones I like better..

♥Finally!! A tanning mitt!! Sounds stupid but my poor mitt has come to the end of its days and decided to fall apart on me! The annoying thing is, aparently New Zealand doesn't believe in tanning mitts! They sell the tan but not the mitts, do they want me to have orange hands!? I think they do!!

What's on your current wishlist??


  1. A new laptop is on mywishlist -.- Mine died today =(

    love these brushes :)

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