Hottie's Perfume Want's, Please And Thank You

When I was in town getting my hair done on Friday I popped into a department store called Farmers were Katy Perry's perfume set up caught my attention.

Katy Perry is my runner up girl crush to the beautiful Rihanna. She looks stunning in her promo posters and the actual perfume bottle is amazing and eye catching compared to other fragrance bottles.

A purple kitty with B-dazzled eyes!

First impressions, I LOVE the packaging. Then I sprayed it and the scent is A-MAZE! I think the scent smells abit like florals and vanilla?! (Correct me if I'm wrong) But whatever it is.. I like it!
It's now on my birthday/ shopping wishlist.

Does anyone have it yet?

Also cannot wait for Rihanna's fragrance to come out! Super excited!

As always, she looks absolutely beautiful.

Please come out here soon perfume!!


  1. Ohhh I really want this perfume, I havent tried it yet, but everyone says its amazing and the packaging is adorable!! xxxx

  2. I really want to try KP's perfume!
    The promo's are lovely.
    I didn't even know Rihanna had a perfume coming out?! Thanks for letting me know :)x

  3. elle i was on rihanna's twitter last night and get this:

    "I'm already started on fragrance #2 an extension of #RebLFleur Wore the sample lastnight and all the fly girls wanted some #Yummy"

    and we haven't even got to try numero uno yet! hurry up riri lol xx

  4. hey honey have you heard about emily longleys death? i dont even know her but everyone in nz been talking about her. shes this drop dead gorgeous kiwi girl and she just found dead in england recently.... ♥ :(

  5. i really want the katy perry one x

  6. I smelt katy perry's in farmers yesterday again and now i want it instead :P

    but yeh i awarded youuu..check out my recent post :D x


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