Feeling A Little Blue

Hello my Beauties!

Hows everyone this week? It's Thursday today and I've been relaxing after finishing work. Today for me seemed too have DRAGGED on! The weather outside is super miserable and hasn't changed all day. I'm abit run down and tired and worst of all, Miss Chloe, my partner in crime.. has left me! (..Well for the next 3-4 weeks anyway.) She's gone on her NZ ticki tour and I miss her already! Currently sitting in my room eating popcorn.. Alone.. Ohhh...


Any takers?

I try to live my life too as full as I can, be happy and don't let anyone put me down.. some days just tend to be a little harder than others! Some people in my life seirously suck! Weather they are old, new, ex's or friends that don't make an effort.

Well at least..

Another two days of work before I'm off for two days! I canno't wait! I feel the need to shop!


  1. hahaha that T-shirt is amazing, hope your weekend is better than your week so far! xx

  2. Ahhh I know how you feel, I guess we all have days like this!! She'll be back before you know it!! Definitely spoil yourself on yours days off :)xxxx


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