Birthday Pressies

Hey Babes, Happy Monday!

I'm off today so taking it easy, had a sleep in, washed my hair and put on a face mask. Nice relaxing day.

I thought I'd share and show everyone a couple gifts that I got for my birthday. I'm not bragging I just thought theres were cute, quirky, gifts that were worth mentioning.

First up!

I got the Katy Perry Perfume! Woo Hoo! After a few suttle (HUGE) hints placed to mum and dad. It was on special when they puchased it, if you buy a bottle you get a handbag 15ml size for free! Perfect, I was looking for a handbag perfume. Smells amazing and I love it!


Cupcakes!! I LOVE cupcakes. This gift was from Chloe. A wee picture of us, a cupcake diary and a cupcake making set!
As mentioned in a previous post she also made me a cupcake tower cake on the actual date of my birthday. Spoilt!


Some of you may or may not know I have a cat called Milly who I got for my birthday 8 years ago. Well my Aunty got me this book because she knows, I love my cat like a crazy lady!

 Love this wee gift!! It's so weird that there is a book of a cat called the same as mine and they even look the same!

A bunch of my friends got me this 21st drinking glass. It's very me- pink and glitterly!

They also got me this little plack that pretty much sum's me up too!!

Lastly my friend got me this cute, quirky keyring, that actually is a bag holder!
So when your out you can put this on the edge of a table and your bag doesn't have to be on the ground!

I thought it would be a match against holding up my massive bag but its super sterdy, and so cute!

I got a few other gifts like money, voucher, and body loations but just wanted to show you guys these as I thought they were really fun gifts.


  1. I want those cupcakes! mmmmm *drools hehe

  2. The keyring hanger is pretty cool, I wish I'd heard of these before I'd brought a cream bag the bottom is almost black now lol x


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