Birthday Cake And Milly

Okay so I know I've already done a post today but I just had to do another one because Chloe just surprised me with a cake she made for me and I wanted to show you some pictures because it's A-Mazing!

Cupcake tower!! Lovvitt!

I am obsessed with cupcakes! She knows me too well already! For my birthday she also brought me a cupcake diary/ writing pad and a cupcake making set which comes with a bake book all on cupcakes, a cute tower for them to be displayed on and a pink spatula!! (I'll show you all in a post next week when I'm home).



My Kitty Milly.
She was my birthday present when I turned 13.
 It's our anniversary!
8years ago today ♥

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  1. i'm freakin awesome :D glad you enjoyed them xxxx


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