Who Moved My Cheese

This is just a random little blog post today on the simple yet inspirational book called 'Who Moved My Cheese'.

In work tonight we had a managers meeting and we read this book and related it back to us being managers in work. It was honestly so much fun reading it, its such a simple story about mice and 'mini people' who take too life and change in life differently.
I really enjoyed reading this random little book and if you get the chance, I suggest you give it a read.
Here's a few quotes from the book that were so good at summing up some of the girls and my life and moments we've had in our lives.

Having Cheese Makes You Happy

The More Important Your Cheese Is To You, The More You Want To Hold On To It

If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid ?

Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old

Movement In A New Direction Helps You Find New Cheese

When You Stop Feeling Afraid, You Feel Good!

Imagining Yourself Enjoying Your New Cheese Leads You To It

The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Find New Cheese

It Is Safer To Search In The Maze Than Remain In A Cheeseless Situation

Old Beliefs Do Not Lead You To New Cheese

When You See That You Can Find And Enjoy New Cheese, You Change Course

Noticing Small Changes Early Helps You Adapt To The Bigger Changes That Are To Come

Move With The Cheese And Enjoy It!

One of my favourite quote's here being: If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct
These quotes properly make more sense when your actually reading or have read the book! They use the word 'cheese' as a metaphor. It can be replaced with such things like, life, realationships, work, money or anything your used too in life.
It's a book on change and knowing that change happend's and that you just have to learn to deal with it and move on with it.

Truely a good wee read, and this along with the book or DVD ' The Secret'..

 .. if you haven't already, should be hired and read! They are inspirational for life and boost and lift you up.
I love these kinds of things.

WooHoo, Got My Foxy Locks Hair Extensions

Hello my Beauties!


Prettiest packaging ever!
I've ovbiously just turned this around so my address is not showing, but I recieved my new extensions in this pretty pink enevlope.

Pretty pink packaging with the gourgeous Imogen (owner and creator of Foxy Locks) on the back with a few instructions on caring for your new extensions.

As I mentioned in my previous birthday post, these extensions have been on my wish list for a little while now and when I got back from my shopping trip in Auckland I ordered the Foxy Locks Hair Extensions.
I have been through so many sets of extensions through out my hair-life- I did a post HERE on different styles I've had.

The last set of extensions I got was last december from the UK and that was the American Dream brand. I've trimmed, layered them into my hair and now they are short, a different shade to my hair colour and a little.. okay, alot, worse for wear! I always thought these were good quality.. that was untill I purchased Foxy Locks!
I was beyond happy to order and recieve some new, fresh ones and get long hair back again. I've been growing my hair out for a few years now since I cut it up RiRi style. My hair is growing and I'm so happy about that, but untill its the length I want it at, I'll settle with fake long hair, I love hair extensions, they just make me feel pretty and more girly!

I came across Imogen on youtube one day and instantly clicked the subscribe button. Shes a beautiful girl from England who runs FoxyLocks. She has great tutorials for everything from hair, make-up, and hauls and I truely love her channel. Since discovering her I have heard so many good reviews on the Foxy Locks Extensions and decided to fork out a little extra for these good quality ones. I can tell you in my honest option, these are the BEST extensions I have EVER, EVER had, seen and felt. They are truely amazing and beyond luxurious feeling. They are 20'' and are right down to my waist.
I love how long they are but have cut half and inch off as they were a little too long for me. They are a slight shade darker than what my hair is now but would have matched perfectly when I first dyed my hair. This is not a problem as I am planning on dying my hair abit darker again as I can see the red coming through from the last time I had it done and I'm loving this dark shade ATM!

They are super thick! The thickest I've ever had extensions and I it think makes it blend alot eaiser and look more natural in your hair, especially at the ends. There not thin and straggly like most extensions are at the ends.

These extensions are truely amazing! I payed $160 for these includeing insured postage and they got here really fast! Only 10days from the UK too NZ! Yay for worldwide shipping!

This is a little information on the set I ordered and information about FoxyLocks taken from the website http://foxylocksextensions.com

Deluxe 20-inch Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Off Black 1B

20" 10 piece set (Full head):
One x 8" wide with 4 clips
One x 7" wide with 4 clips
Two x 6" wide with 3 clips
Two x 4" wide with 2 clips
Four x 1" wide with 1 clip
(Approx measurements)

Foxy Locks Deluxe sets are one of the thickest clip in hair extensions on the market!
The weight of the pure stunning hair is 160 grams!
Whilst most other sellers only sell 70-100 grams of hair, making ours the thickest.
Transforms flat, lifeless hair into voluminous, long gorgeous locks!
100% Remy silky smooth tangle free human hair.


If your looking for high quality hair extensions LOOK NO FURTHER! These are amazing and so worth the money! I highly recommend these and I will definitely be re-purchasing from Foxy Locks in the future when mine need replacing.

Results: 5/5!!

Also I took my gel nails off and have decided on not getting them done again for a little while. Just for a change since I always get them done. I brought this gourgeous peppermint colour the other day and I'm loving the shade, even though its Autum here.. Hehe Owell!!

May Wish List

Okay so my wishlist's are pretty much never ending but I thought I'd show you guys what on my CURRENT wish- listed mind..

♥Sigma brushes- These brushes were on my last wishlist posed HERE, but in pink. Ovbiously I have not yet ordered any and have changed my mind from my favourite colour pink to the black as they look more professional and sleek. I'm thinking of ordering these next week as I've heard so many good things about them!

♥St. Tropez Bronzing Moose- I was never a big fake tanning person untill I met one of my best friends who is a HUGE fake tanning fan. When I first started using it I purchased St.Moriz because it was cheap and had heard it was the knock off to St.Tropez. I've thought lately I've been finding my Moriz isn't darking my legs as much as my body so I was considering buying St.Tropez, but at a pricey $86 have been re-thinking that decision. Has anyone tried or use this product at the moment? What do you think of it? Yay or nah!?

♥Paul's Boutique Purse- I'm still on the hunt for a cute purse! This one caught my eye because of the pink stripe and thought it would go cute with my handbag, plus it's currently on sale at asos.com. I ♥ PB and this one is rather cute.. Decisions, decisions!!

♥Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty- I used this blush on my birthday and have fallen in love with the shade, it gives a gourgeous pink flush to the cheeks. The blush I used on my birthday was Chloe's, now I want my own!!

♥This Gourgeous coloured leopard print dress by Lipsy. currently being sold on the asos website.. IN LOVE WITH IT!

♥Miss Selfridge Limited Edition Bow Wedge Shoes- How cute are these? I've recently spotted them on the Miss Selfridge website and I want, want, want! Loving both the colours, just not sure which ones I like better..

♥Finally!! A tanning mitt!! Sounds stupid but my poor mitt has come to the end of its days and decided to fall apart on me! The annoying thing is, aparently New Zealand doesn't believe in tanning mitts! They sell the tan but not the mitts, do they want me to have orange hands!? I think they do!!

What's on your current wishlist??

Feeling A Little Blue

Hello my Beauties!

Hows everyone this week? It's Thursday today and I've been relaxing after finishing work. Today for me seemed too have DRAGGED on! The weather outside is super miserable and hasn't changed all day. I'm abit run down and tired and worst of all, Miss Chloe, my partner in crime.. has left me! (..Well for the next 3-4 weeks anyway.) She's gone on her NZ ticki tour and I miss her already! Currently sitting in my room eating popcorn.. Alone.. Ohhh...


Any takers?

I try to live my life too as full as I can, be happy and don't let anyone put me down.. some days just tend to be a little harder than others! Some people in my life seirously suck! Weather they are old, new, ex's or friends that don't make an effort.

Well at least..

Another two days of work before I'm off for two days! I canno't wait! I feel the need to shop!

21st Make- Up FOTD

I thought I'd share with you all, my make-up list used to doll myself up for the evening of my 21st birthday party. 
I really liked this look for going out. Usally I go for dark eyes and bright lips, this time I went for natural, golden, smokey eyes with big lashes and a frosty pink lippy.

(Chloe's are the pink, mine are the one with dark tips)

In Order Of Application


Mac Fix + Spray
Mac Prep and Prime Primer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid- NC30
Mac Prep and Prime Highlighter- Bright Forecast *Applied under eyes*
Mac Studio Finish Concealer- NC30 *Applied on any blemishes*
Chanel Tan De Soleil *Applied all over face to darken make-up to blend with tan better*
Collection 2000 Hightlighter- 3 copacabana *Applied on temples and cheekbones*
MAC Studio Fix Powder- NC35
Mac Bronzing Powder- Matte Bronze
Mac Blush- Danity


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer- Sin
MAC Eyebrow Pencil- Spiked
Mac Eyeshadow- Shroom *Applied on brow bones as a highlighter and blended over rest of eyelid*
Urban Decay Eyeshadow- Half baked *Applied on eyelid*
Urban Deday Eyeshadow- Twice Baked *Applied in Crease*
Lancome White Eyeshadow *Applied in inner corner*
Mac Eyeliner - Engraved
Mac Penulitimate Liquid Eyeliner - Rapidblack
Maybelline- The Falsies Mascara - Blackest Black
QVS Natural Lashes
QVS Glamour Lashes *Put on outer corners*


YSL- Rouge Volupte


St Moriz


My gel overlays with- OPI's Katy Perry's Teenage Dream painted over top

Mwah! Love ya's!

Birthday Pressies

Hey Babes, Happy Monday!

I'm off today so taking it easy, had a sleep in, washed my hair and put on a face mask. Nice relaxing day.

I thought I'd share and show everyone a couple gifts that I got for my birthday. I'm not bragging I just thought theres were cute, quirky, gifts that were worth mentioning.

First up!

I got the Katy Perry Perfume! Woo Hoo! After a few suttle (HUGE) hints placed to mum and dad. It was on special when they puchased it, if you buy a bottle you get a handbag 15ml size for free! Perfect, I was looking for a handbag perfume. Smells amazing and I love it!


Cupcakes!! I LOVE cupcakes. This gift was from Chloe. A wee picture of us, a cupcake diary and a cupcake making set!
As mentioned in a previous post she also made me a cupcake tower cake on the actual date of my birthday. Spoilt!


Some of you may or may not know I have a cat called Milly who I got for my birthday 8 years ago. Well my Aunty got me this book because she knows, I love my cat like a crazy lady!

 Love this wee gift!! It's so weird that there is a book of a cat called the same as mine and they even look the same!

A bunch of my friends got me this 21st drinking glass. It's very me- pink and glitterly!

They also got me this little plack that pretty much sum's me up too!!

Lastly my friend got me this cute, quirky keyring, that actually is a bag holder!
So when your out you can put this on the edge of a table and your bag doesn't have to be on the ground!

I thought it would be a match against holding up my massive bag but its super sterdy, and so cute!

I got a few other gifts like money, voucher, and body loations but just wanted to show you guys these as I thought they were really fun gifts.

21st Celebration Drinks

Hello my Beautiful Followers!

So as if I haven't gone on about it enough already.. last week I turned 21! Woo Hoo!!

In my previous post I said how I celebrated by going to Auckland with Chloe for shopping, and when I got home was going to have a get together with close friends for a celebration drinks and head out on the town.
That was last night and it was SO MUCH FUN! I had a blast drinking with friends.
I wore my new dress and got some lovely wee gifts from everyone. All in all a fun night was had.. even if I did have a tad too much too drink with the Irish, Chloe- she's a little worse for wear this morning and I surprisingly woke up full of energy, ate some left over pizza and went into town to get a few bits. Abit tired but glad I'm not sporting a hangover.

Here's a few wee picture's from last night.

My Wee Cake

Memory Board- Some seirously funny pictures from me growing up



Hello my Beautiful Babes!!

*Picture Heavy Post*

I'm back! Well, actually I got back on Sunday. My internet was down so I couldn't upload any pictures or anything! Wee nightmare is over and I can blog again, YAY!

So Chloe's and my 5day break in Auckland was SO MUCH FUN! We had the best time! Loads of laughs, a little getting lost, spending lots of money, and generally having a blast!

We stopped by the 'Corrugated Iron' City to take some Pic's.

In my head I had a 'To Get' list of essentials and stuff I knew I definitely wanted while I was up there, this included:

A 21st birthday dress for friday night
A winter jacket
Boots for winter and boots for work
And of corse MAC!!

On friday we went to Albany mall on the hurt for my birthday dress. I had no luck with the dress but I did pick up the best winter Jacket ever from Forever New that I fell in love with, and a cute pair of earrings.

I also picked up some face wipes and a new moisturiser as I ran out. I decided to try somthing new so went for the brand 'Simple'. The oil balancing products caught my eye as my face has been crazy oily for no reason lately! So far I am loving these 2products, really doing the job of keeping oil at bay all day and night.

Fortunatly for Auckland and unfortunatly for me and Chloe, on Saturday we didn't get a chance to go out on the town to wreak havoc on the Aucklanders. Instead we had a lovely long, full day of shopping. We visited Topshop- which I love going to see but can never find anything I truely want as they only sell the boutique range here.

(Sorry, bad lighting I know)

We got lunch then went to Glassons were I found my party/ birthday dress. Its very cute and I can't wait to get all dolled up in it to show you guys what it looks like on properly.

Hannahs shoe store is what checked off my winter boots 'to get' list box. I found a cute pair of small heeled boots with fax fur on the inside and popping over the top which I've had my eye on for a little while. Great for keepin my tootsies warm and looking cute in winter.

I also got a pair of knee high, mini wedge, suede boots which are perfect for work and everyday, very comfortable and stylish!

And lastly for the shopping on saturday and last on my to get list.. MAC!
When we first went into the store,it was so busy we couldn't even look at the products let alone get any help to ask for a new boxed product, so we left and came back when it had settled abit.
The new 'Quite Cute Collection' was out and one of the artists suggested I try the purple blush! Not really me I decided against it and ran off my list. I picked up several items. Six of them being new and ones I haven't tried before and the other a repurchase of my favourite foundation!

♥ Mac Fix+ Spray
♥ Mac Bronzing Powder- Matte Bronze
♥ Mac Prep & Prime- Primer
♥ Mac Prep & Prime Highlighter- Bright Forecast
♥ Mac Penultimate Eye Liner- Rapid Black
♥ Mac Eyebrow Pencil- Spiked
♥ Mac Studio Fix Fluid- NC30
(Full review's coming up on some of these products soon)

The girl/artist was so healpful and really nice. She gave me a card and let me know I could ring and order directly from the store next if i dont want to travel up. She told me about booking in for a make over next time I go up. It costs $90 and after you can redeem the money back by purchasing products! What a good deal! I'll be doing that next time as I want a few new shadows, blush and lippys! Mac wishlist is never ending!!

All my buy's- Black and White stippy top is from Dotti, Super cute and on sale for only $19.99!!

We had a few fashion fail along the way..

That night we went to a restaurant for a yummy dinner and then to the cinema to watch Water For Elephants, starring two of my favourite actors, Robet Pattinson and Reece Witherspoon. The movie is very good! You guys should go see it! I loved it- except for 1 or 2 parts but If you watch the movie you'll know which parts I'm talking about.

On sunday Chloe and I packed and left for home. Planning to stop in Sky City to go up the Skytower. We missed our exit getting distracted (typical girls) so went to New Market again for a yummy breakfast. I had french toast, banana and maple syrup! YUM!

Paying attention this time we turned into Skycity, parked and headed up the skytower. I'm very into adrenaline rushes and was very tempted to do the Sky Jump. At $225 I figured I could come home and purchase new extensions which have been on my 'want, wish list' for awhile instead.

When we finished we walked down into the city and stopped when we saw a bungy swing that flung into the air for only $40! Chloe had never done one before so we decided to get our adrenaline rush that way. I've abseiled before, bungee jumped and one day want to jump off a plane! I love adrenaline rushes! I've been on 2 big bungee swings before that were similar to this, and since the man didnt really explain what it did I figured it would do the same as the last one I was on a few years ago. This was not the case! Totally un-aware he said ready put your heads back, and click!
We flung into the air, up and round, not expecting this way to happen it was way more fun and made it 10x more exciting!! We purchased the dvd of us after and have watched it about 5times already, total laughs!
I love that kinda stuff!!

On Sunday Evening we finally made it home, me a rather large sum of money poorer than when I left, but loved every minute and couldn't of spent it with a better person!

Also when I got home I purchased some new extensions from foxylocksextensions.com.
I ordered the 160gram Deluxe 20-inch Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions in the shade Off Black 1B

Very excited to be getting these and having super long hair again!

Tomorrow (Friday) I'm having a few friends around for pre drinks before town, going to wear my new dress and get all dolled up!

I had a great 21st!!
Thanks for the Birthday wishes dolls, love you's!
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