What's your favourite Scary Movie?

Chloe my brother and I on friday night originally planned to go to this place about an hour drive away called 'CornEvil'. It's a corn maze you run through at night and scary people from moves jump out at you. Chloe and I freaked outselves out all week looking forward to it, but Friday turned out to be a wet, crappy day so instead we oppted for the cinema to watch Scream 4.

I've only ever watched Scream 1 before and the Scary Movies with piss takes from Scream, so I get the gist of everything that has happened in between that I've missed.
This movie was filled with so many different, new and younger characters which made it more engaging.

I would recommend this movie, It was really good. Obviously along with its scary bits it also had abit of corny, comedy which made it funny but the movie still insured me that everyone in scary movies.. are PURE DUMB!
I used to watch alot of scary movies when I was younger but now to be honest I'm abit of a chicken who just enjoys the odd movie.

So guy's: 'Whats your favourite scary movie?'

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  1. I saw this movie last thursday during my uni break! I have seen all of the Scream movies, but only really remember the first one. I loved this movie, I thought it was soo entertaining. A lot of the moments in the movie were really unexpected, especially the ending! I am the same as you though, I was a lot more braver when I was younger and now I am just a chicken haha xxxx


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