Vampire Diaries Get Back In My Life Please

Not only does Thursday TV suck now without The Vamp D's playing but it's also been wayyyyy too long since the 'season final' and I would really appreciate if they started playing it again.. Do you guys watch it?
I'm really starting to miss Vampires! HAHA, how funny does that sound?

Are you a Stephen or Damon Fan?

Honesly I love Damon and Elena together.. (so cute) even if he is abit evil in the programe. They should be together and Stephen should be with Katherine, even thought she's a tad evil herself.. Two rights could correct the two wrongs maybe?
I don't know.. just TV bring back my favourite programe.
Please and Thank You!! :)

Also Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in general is one truely ruggedly, handsome, sexy man and it's know wonder I miss Vampires!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh I love Vampire Diaries. I was fortunate to have a friend download all of the episodes and keep me up to date, they are amazing!! I have to say.. I am such a sucker for Damon. He is evil, but he has a very sweet side, and not bad on the eyes at all haha ;) great show! xxx


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