No More Frizzness Please!

'Dear hair, I am sorry that I burn you, cut you, and tie you up. But I will always, always love you'
In preparation for my birthday coming up in 14days! I've booked a hair appointment for next Friday morning on my day off. I've booked it in a place called 'Funk It Up', where I've never been to or heard of before untill a few girls in work talked about and recommended it to me. I truely hate getting my hair cut and I'm honestly scared about going to a new salon. Does anyone else feel like this?

This past week I've noticed more and more how annoying my hair is! It's super thick and frizzy and is truely annoying my happiness. So enough is enough, I can't wait to get it done. I was going to wait for the week after but its too frizzy to control! I'll straighten it and an hour later it'll be frizzed out again. SO NOT IDEAL!

This is my hair naturally:

Very super curly!
After spending half an hour on styling my hair it annoyingly frizzes out and when a drop of rain hits, well, thats my day ruined!

I went out for dinner on Saturday night with my family.
Here' a wee picture of me and Chloe. My frizzy bap sits out over my extensions and now needs to be pinned back so it doesn't look so big!

I also took a picture of my hair when I came home from dinner and took my extensions out. (Excuse the face!)

I dyed my hair dark a few weeks ago but the colour has washed out alot and has left me unhappy with my red main and light and dark roots! Next week I'll go for a dark brown shade that will cancel out the red tone, a trim and THINNED OUT! I'm not going to thin it out completely, just enough so I can control and style it quicker. Also I need to think what I want to do with my fringe! I hate wearing it off my face due to my 5head but think I look too Emo with a side fringe. Ohh delima! I am constantly unhappy with my hair! Not fun!

Stay tuned and I'll show you what it's like next week.


  1. wow i thought you have naturally straight hair! i never expected you have very curly hair :o but i think it looks nice and exotic on you <3 xxx

  2. I really love your curly hair, looks really pretty and natural..

    Good luck at your hair appointment, I get a little nervous at trying new salons too. I have foils and by biggest fear is that the stylist will make me look stripey...

    Happy Birthday aswell :)

  3. pink ones are really cute. but black looks more professional ! i want the mac ones but its too expensive. the foundation brush cost like 90 bucks or something.. i was thinking of starting to collect mac brushes but i will only be able to afford two or three brushes so i decided to get sigma ones again... lol.

  4. i looove your curly hair!!!! :)...jsut wanted to let you know tht i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  5. know i love your curly hair!! also lol at '5head' mine is just as big!

    excited to see how your hair turns out and see if that salon is good so i could maybe go get me a fringe..haha :D x

  6. Your hair is gorgeous curly! And I totally know how you feel about the frizziness, I do get it so bad if I don't do anything with my hair. I'm sure the haircut will go great, especially because it has been recommended! Looking forward to pictures!! :) xxxx

  7. no i dont own a photoshop but i pay them when ever i want to use it. its like 4bucks usd a month. ohh lucky you ! hope you get a lot of pressies too xxx

  8. Thanks for the comments about my curly bap girls! I'll wear it curly when it grows longer, untill then.. its a wee fro lol xx


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