My Teeth Whiteing Mission

I've always been interested in whitening my teeth. One day I would love them to be super, super, reflect the sun, white teeth!! (Yes, very white).
Before I left N.Ireland, I saved up to get them professionally done but instead decided to save the money to let me have more money to start off with once here. I've always looked after my teeth and lately I've become even more intrested and very obsessed with my teeth, giving them extra attention with making sure I brush over 2mintues and floss regularly.
I was watching one of my favourite YouTube Gurus JLovesMac1 (Who's teeth are bleach white pearls!) do a video were she said she use's these to whiten her teeth. So Instead of saving loads for professionally getting them done right now, I decided too purchase these strips online. Last thursday night I ordered the Crest Advanced Vivid Teeth Whitestrips and received them this Monday morning. (Very pleased on the delivery time).

I will be trying these out for the next 14days (time process for full results) so keep posted for the full results and review of this product and unflattering teeth close-ups!! (Eeek!)

I also purchased whiteing tooth paste and whiteing mouth wash to keep away any staining and to lengthen the time of my whiteing.

Of the many review's I've read about this process I've read many about the sensitivty nearly everyone has expeirenced from these. ATM I am currently sat with the strips in and within 5minutes I have recieved extreme shooting pains of sensitivity. (Painful ATM but hopefully will reduce with continuing the process.)

Has anyone tried these? How was your experiences with them?

I'm looking forward to the full results!


  1. You will have to let us know if the crest white strips work! I was going to order some and try them out so I'd love to know if they do actually work.


  2. I have heard a lot of great things about this actually! I have never been brave enough though, because I hear it is quite painful and I'm a chicken!! Keep us updated how it all goes :) xx


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