Life & Wants

Take Me Here:

Times Square New York City

Snuggle With This:

My Kitty Cat, Milly


Elle & Blair Fowler. (If you watch YouTube, you know who these girls are!) True inspiration. They started making YouTube videos and are now well know and living in LA doing what they love and are passionate about.

Wish for:

Long, healthy, shiny, firece hair.. Trust me if I had a Geani or if I was a millionaire, this would not be my first wish! I just didn't wanna say anything obvious so went for somthing else other than, money, health and happiness.

Strive to be:

A professional make-up artist for the celebrities and backstage at photo shoots and runways also want to own my own business.


A great, honest, true, friendship. Through good and bad times. Moving around alot I've learnt whos worth it and who is going to stick around for along time, regardless if we are apart or not!

Want's In Life:

More travel! I've moved around since I was 2, I want to keep going to different places and want to visit and do what I want in life before I settle down.

Quotes To Live By:

I love, love, love quotes! Ones that explain your life or certain experiences you go through or have had. I have two meaningful quotes I loved so much I got them tattooed on my body.


  1. love this post, so inspirtional :)
    And HOW do these people get such glossy healthy looking hair?? totally baffles me!

  2. I also loveee this post! I love your strive to be and crave bits. I also love elle and blair, I have been watching them on youtube since they first began, they are amazing!! I love your passion for travel too :)


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