Introducing Two New Things In My Life...

If you have read my previous post you would know I have been looking forward too and waiting for my older brothers gorgeous girlfriend to arrive from N.I to our doorstep!
Well no more waiting because Chloe has arrived!! I was so happy when I saw her, just gave her a hug (had to tippy toe, I'm 5'3 and she's 6foot!!) and we talked like we have always been friends. We were super excited even talking about little things we'll get upto and I'm so glad to have another girl around the house, since I've always grown up with 3 brothers!! She'll probably be jeg-lagged all this week but I'm really glad she's here and I can see us forming a great friendship.

Also with Chloe came my new (well new too me) Pauls Boutique Barbie handbag! I ordered this off ebay about a month ago and I got Chloe to bring it over for me to save me spending $85 on rip off delivery!! Its gorgeous and HUGE! I will really be able to fit the kitchen sink in there now. It has a few nicks and was dirtied by make-up on the inside, but nothing a wet cloth and washing the inside couldn't handle! All's good though I totally lovvitt! I know it's not everybody's cup of tea. I know alot of people think PB is tacky and TBH some of their peices are.. alot of people think this bag of mine is! But to me.. I'm in love, I love pink, I'm bright, girly, bubbly and fun, I think this bag sum's up my personality! LOVE!

I know it's not a typical everyday bag but I think I'll get alot of use out of it. I'll wear it everyday and pretty much with everything reguardless. It's coming into winter now, and I'll even wear it then. I love big bags and this can fit EVERYTHING inside it.


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