I'm On A Mission.. Too Get Super Soft Skin

Okay girls.. I'm on a mission, too get back my super soft skin!
A few years ago in tech and work and anytime someone brushed up against me they commented on how soft my skin was. One of my good friends was obsessed! She always touched it and told others too do so aswell as if she was amazed how soft it was. I can't remember ever having a routine other then only moisturising when I got out of the shower.

The past year or 2 I've used Palmers Cocoa Butter religiously. I love the stuff, the scent and the way it make's my skin feel. My skin ATM is soft, I just want that super soft commentable skin back!
I know that you should change up your shampoo and hair products every so often so your hair doesn't get used to a certain thing and it stops doing what it's intended for.. so I figured it could be the same with your skin?

I recently ran out of my CB and decided I would purchase a new moisturiser. While out I also picked up an exfoilating scrub.

Planet Earth Pear Berry and Vanilla Moisturiser:
This moisturiser is so thick and creamy with added collagen and make's my skin so soft! Even hours after I apply it. I was in a hurry this moring and rubbed it into my skin and got changed, so didn't notice it too much. Later on when I got changed into comfy clothes I actually stopped and noticed how soft my skin was without feeling it on purpose! So far I'm impressed! The scent isn't as sweet as what I thought it would be but it's still a nice scent. Huge bottle with lots of product which I like.

SugarBaby Exfoilator Sea Salt Scrub:
This has a very tropical sent too it that lingers nicely on the skin after the shower. I wash with a body wash and loofah then I use this and finally use exfoilating gloves- but I do not scrub so much that I'm red raw! First time I used this, I was also impressed with how soft my skin was, before I even applied any moisturiser. So far so good.

I'm loving these two product combos ATM! I've only started my mission but hopefully it'll be SUPER SOFT again soon.
Do you girl's have any tips and tricks for soft skin or routines?


  1. i love sugar baby <3 i have their moisturiser which smells amaaaazing :P i love it !!! xxxxx


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