Girl Quit Your Gibba Gabba!

So last week I went and had coffee and lunch with a friend.

We were talking about life and the things we want to do or become. I've been thinking alot about this lately.. things that I want to do before I settle down or end up in a long term relationship again or incase something comes up that restricts me from doing the things I want.
I've been in relationships before and learnt that the person I was with, didn't want to do the same things in life as me, like travel and experience different things. This was sad because at the end of the day you need to come down to a decision: Do you stay with someone and not carry out the things you want because they don't? OR: Do you just stay content and happy in love with them? I know you can't help who you like or who you fall in love with and it sounds harsh coming to that decision but I know so many people who want to travel or do something but their partners don't, so they stay with them and a few years later they break up, and the person who wanted life expeireces when they were younger regrets their decision.
There is alot of stuff I want to do with the rest of my life, mainly travel, I want to visit so many places and live back in the UK again while I'm still young. I know people don't understand when I say I live in a hot country like NZ and want to move back to freezing UK! I just know its more me while I'm this age, get more opportunities with what I wanna be and do because its a developing country were as NZ is a little behind in certain things. ALL THOUGH... it's a great visiting place if you've never been here and also a great place to settle down when you get older.

One of my closest friends recently moved to Australia and has been there for a month, she loves it there and suggested I move there and we find a flat together. Shes the friend I mentioned in a previous post that wants to go to Las Vegas for her 21st. We've both been thinking maybe I should move there with her so we can live and save together. I'm super excited about the thought of this!! She is also up for getting an apartment and working in the UK and America! Woo found a traveling buddie!! Even though I would do it alone, a friend or somone whos wanting the same thing is always a bonus! Its gonna be hard and I need alot of savings behind me before I can afford any of this but its what I wanna do and I know I'm gonna do it. Mind over matter!

When me and my friend were at lunch we also talked about jobs and our dream job. My dream now is too work at a Mac counter! I've qualified for my certificated in Beauty Therapy but want too tackle more of the make-up side of beauty. When I was helping out at Fashion Week last year the Mac artists were doing the make-up and I thought to myself, 'Man, that's what I wanna be doing!'. So thinking of doing just a make-up corse or moving to bigger and better places that have a Mac to carry out my dream job. With that I wanna be an artist behind fashion shows at fashion week or photo shoots.


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  1. I agree with you, it's really hard to be in a relationship if both of your heads are not in the same place.. Moving to Australia with your friend would be so amazing..I think a travelling buddy would be so much more fun than being by yourself! I'm not a big traveller myself, I wish I was a little more. So I think your love of travel is so good :) xx


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