Celebrity Look- alikes...

I've been told alot over the last few years how alike I look compared to certain celebs. All compliments really as these few people are all gorgeous in my opinion! I thnk my hair was a huge influence as to why I had a resemblance to these ladies but also because of our shared bigger facial features.. lips, eyes, nose, etc.


Big factor here is the hair and we both also have large features, lips, nose and eyes! I love Rihanna and shes a huge influence and fierce inspriation of mine, I love her music, style and her in general! I think shes one of the sexiest women alive!! (Yes I do like her like alot-alot!!)

Frankie Sandford

Only a few people have said this but I think its generally just beacuse of our hair colour and style.

Alexis Jordan

My most recent celeb look- alike! We both have very curly big hair, though I actually don't have any pictres of me with my hair like that, and again big features- lips, nose and eyes. I have looked through pictures of her and watched her music videos and can notice the resemblance people are talking about. I think I and people who have said I look like her can notice it more in person than in pictures! Currently loving her songs!!

Cartoon Puppet From The Coca- Cola Advert

Everytime the advert came on everyone thought it looked like me when I had my short hair and also the cartoon girl dances on the advert and does a cool booty shake- like me when i dance! LOL

Do any of you have any celeb look-alikes?


  1. Wow, that's crazy you look like all of the people in the photos you compared yours to! x

  2. this is so cute, i see the resemblence in most of these pics.

  3. you really do look a lot like rihanna! you hair is pretty too :) xx


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