Birthday Plans

My 21st birthday is in 3weeks and 5days! Did not realise how close it was!! I think I've come to the decision not to have a party or anything here but instead travel to Auckland with Chloe (and maybe a few other friends if they can) and go clubbing and shopping! I'm gonna save as much as I can for it because when I get there..
''Hello Mac, Oh how I've missed you!''
Looking forward to a girly night out and two day's of shopping!

Gonna get all dolled up and pretty, have a few cocktails and just have a great time with close friends. Perfect really!

I came across this dress last night while looking through the Topshop website with Chloe and feel head over heels in LOVE with it, it would really make the perfect little 21st birthday party dress..

Pearl Petel Dress by Rare Opulence
Isn't she a beaut?! I would like it very much!! Unfortunalty it's $195 which converts too about $390!! If I was having a big 21st party maybe I'd fork out for it, but too much to spend for clubbing I think! It's so amazing I thought I'd show you's anyway.. Hopefully one comes out simular somewere a tad cheaper.. LOL So cute!!

I was thinking about treating myself for my birthday and getting my hair all done- Deep conditioning treatment, trim and thinned out a little, buy new dark brown extensions and dye my hair to match.

I am subscribed to Imogen on YouTube who owns Foxy Locks Extensions and have read many reviews on the extensions she sells and they sound like truely amazing quality! They are £75 so a little over $150 with P&P.. Little pricey but they sound amazing and ligit! (In my option, it would be the worse thing to order some online from any website and they turn out crap quality when you could of spent a little extra for better ones that lasts longer.)
Not sure if I was to order them now that they would get here in time for my birthday weekend so it may be a late b'day present for myself, from me too me! So I'll just use my current one's for now which really need to be replaced anyway. I want to purchase them dark brown, then get my hair dyed to match so I can keep the extensions in good condition as long as I can.. I'm really bad because I get bored so eaisly with my hair that I dye my hair, then the extensions to match and cut and layer them to blend but regret it later on. I'm thinking of going and staying dark for awhile, so want to get it done professionally for a perfect colour match! I got to get the hair in good condition and growing loads so I won't need to fuss about extensions anymore!
One day in about 3year's time I'll say that'll happen.. No likey, way to far away!


  1. Ohhh, going to Auckland sounds like so much fun! Shopping and going out is the best way to celebrate your 21st :) That dress is also gorgeousssss. I wish dresses like that didn't cost so much! Would make our lives a lot easier!
    I think you should definietly get your hair all done for it :) a great way to treat yourself, and it would look gorgeous!! xxxx

  2. yess I cannot wait! Gonna be a great weekend..its so soon eek!xxx

  3. ooh that pink dress is gorgeous <3 i would love to have it too!!!

  4. Thanks for your comment and for following! :)
    I was gonna follow back then realised I already did a few weeks ago! lol
    That dress is gorgeous! Pricy though! Is it an English brand? I think they sell it on ASOS.
    I get bored of my hair colour too. I'm quite lucky that my hair is as long as my extensions now, although they have thinned out a lot. I haven't worn them in ages!
    I really wanna dye my hair again now! That colour in the photo is very pretty :)


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