I'm still currently unemployed, (I've applied for countless jobs and still not a thing since I've moved back to New Zealand- safe to say I am going mad! But still hopeful that somthing will come along soon to help me with my superfical needs!) being unemployed means I can't have everything on my wishlist right now but I'm adding to my list daily for when that first pay check comes along, *happy thoughts* also the Mac stores in New Zealand are over 3hours away from were I live, so a road trip is already planned (in my head).. just keeping ahead of myself- not a bad thing, right? LOL 


I love Mac Cosmetics and feel a little deprived I haven't been able to buy anything from them in so long. Four of these items are wanted re-purchases..

♥Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15
♥Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
♥Powerpoint Eye Pencil
♥Liquid Eye Liner
The studio fix fluid foundation is my favourite foundation! It's amazingly flawless with good coverage and I can't wait to re-purchase. My shade is NC30.
Powder plus is a good blotting and coverage powder. Though the current shade I have is too light, the girl that was helping me at the time said to go lighter for a more natural look- this was well and good at the time but i've started liking wearing my make-up a little darker so in need of a darker shade to stop looking so pasty!
Powerpoint eye pencil in the shade Engraved is the best eye liner I've ever used, re-purcased so many times and currently stolen and useing my mums! Oops! Also liquid liner has a great brush easy to use and stays on all day! In the shade Boot Black because I love my liners dark!!!

♥187 Duo Fibre Brush
♥168 Large Angled Contour Brush
♥182 Buffer Brush
Fibre face brush I've heard lots of good reviews about this giving you a flawless finish with your foundation so looking forward to this brush and angled brush that I think would be perfect for my cream bronzer.
My current kabuki brush is one from Benefit that I've had for a few years, It's getting a little old so mac buffer... get in my life!

♥Powder Blush
I have one Mac Blush in a coraly shade called Melba. I would like a couple more in different shades but this is a product I'd need to try against my skin colour. I have the shades Dame and Well Dressed in mind to try out..


♥DKNY be delicious
♥Gucci Evny Me 2 Limted Edition
♥Nina Ricci Red Apple
♥Sarah Jessica Parker NYC

I love perfume and don't really need any new ones.. but just like shoes and clothes, you can never have to many! I have had all these perfumes before except Gucci Evny Me 2 and  looking forward to eventually adding them again to my collection.

Wishing, Hoping, Wanting...

Hollister Ocean Beach Pink Shirt

Wanting a pink check shirt and this one looks perfect!

Australian Ugg Classic Tan Short Boot

Autum is upon us, winter is approching.. Always wanted a proper pair of Australian Uggs.

Paul's Boutique Ruby Muted Gold Purse

In need of a new purse with lots of card slots! This one has 12slots and is super cute! 

Apple Iphone 4

My Blackberry is getting old and starting to play up and freeze, plus with moving to NZ some of the benefits of having a Blackberry can't be used here on my phone (because were so behind!:( ) Iphone 4 is looking good..

All of corse when the pay check come in... LOL
What's in your guys current wish lists?

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