It's sunday today so I'm just gonna relax and have a lazy day, wash my hair and tidy up.
On friday my friend wanted to go see the movie 'I Am Number Four'. I said yes even though I didn't know what the movie was about.
GUY'S.. This movie was brilliant! I loved it and wish I could see it again tonight ! It's a mixture of everything.. funny, cheesy, romantic, make-believe, thriller, action.. I really enjoyed it and think it's one of the best movies I've seen in a while.

Also a bonus of watching this movie: The actor Alex Pettyfer is GORGEOUS!!

I went out for my friend's 21st celebrations last night and wore my new black Supre lace dress.

I don't drink so feeling rather good this morning. Spent the first half of the night at my friends making them cocktails, snacking on m&m's and crisp's and playing with her new kittens. So cute!

I start my first day of work on Tuesday so looking forward to it but I'm a tad nervous! Also thinking of dying my hair back light brown and keeping it that way for while. Maybe add some highlights eventually.
Oh, decisions, decisions!!


  1. What a cute kitty! It looks like you had a great night- and you looked amazing! I am obsessed with your cute dress!

    So happy to have stumbled upon your blog! Can't wait to read more :)


  2. omg i watched that movie with my boyfriend on friday too! hes soo hot lol! xxx

  3. You're very pretty:)
    The last pic is amazing!



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