A shade of choclate, nails and OOTD...

I've been working all week and finally enjoyed having Sunday and Monday off all too myself.
Yesturday (Sunday) I did nothing all day but relaxed with the feet up watching Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liers! Perfect! I treated myself did my tan and painted my toe nails a fresh coat of OPI's Shorts Story. I also dyed my hair a shade of Choclate...

If you read my previous posts you would know I dyed it only 2weeks ago (Ino I should wait at least 4weeks but I'm impaitaint and was hateing the red) but it didnt cover the red. So I dyed it with 'Garnier Nutrisse Number 5 Choclate Brown'. (Great at home boxed dye might I add, makes my hair very soft and shiney) I'm loving this shade, very nice dark brown colour and it didn't go black which I love. I hate when dark browns go black and your stuck looking pasty for awhile! You can still see the red in my hair when I'm in the sun or under lights but its alot darker and I lovvit... (well for now LOL). I want to get my hair thinned out and a little shaped but unsure as I have a fear of hairdressers cutting my locks when I'm trying to grow them out!

I get gel overlays painted on top of my natural nails to keep them from breaking and it has been 4weeks plus since my last appoitment!! I've been going mental waiting to get them refilled!!

Only thing I hate about the gel overlays, UGLY

I got them re-done toay and am soo happy they are all shiney and new again..

My outfit and make-up today were pretty casual...

Black crop blazer- Awear
♥ Plain White Top- Topshop
♥ Necklace- Topshop

♥ Blue Skinny Jeans- Cotton On

♥ Wedges- Dotti

♥ Mac Studio Fix Fluid- NC30
♥ Mac Studio Fix Powder- NC35
♥Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Cream Bronzer
♥ Bobbi Brown Blush- Peony 16

♥ Mac- All That Glitters
♥ Mac- Shroom
♥ Mac- Espresso
♥ Mac- Power Point Pencil Liner- Engraved
♥ Maybelline Liquid Line Stiletto- Blackest Black
♥ Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara- Ultra Black (Dislike this mascara, too messy!! I need to purchase a new one.. I'm thinking Maybelline Falsies??)

YSL Lipstick- Rouge Volupte
♥ Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss- I Want Candy (LOVE)

So thats been my day so far, nothing to exciting. Tonight I'm meeting up with a girl- friend for dinner. We haven't caught up in awhile so will be good too finally catch up, also yummy foods YAY!


  1. Ohh your hair colour looks so nice!! I also use the Garnier Nutrisse dye, I think it's amazing, and it smells so good! The conditioner that comes with it is really good. Cute outfit btw, have a fun night tonight :) xx

  2. you look so damn pretty ! urrghhhhhh jelous. i wish my eyes were big and stood out more like yours :( ! revlon colour stay is really good! covers any blemishes really well. the bad side is some people says that they got more spots since they started using revlon colour stay foundation. but that does not happen to me so it really depends on your skin type i guess but i dare you to try it out one day ! xxx

  3. no way ! you are coming to auckland ????! lets meet up then ! :D:D:D:D

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! :) your so pretty and I love your outfit too! xxx


  5. hey baby girl ! aww nice if you ever have a chance to see me we should totally hang out haha. yess i know they are my favourite pair of shoes ! love the pink bit inside and the leopard print mostly.. (; x


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