Ooo.. excitement!

So if you follow my blog you may know I haven't had any luck with a job since I moved back from the UK. I've handed out my CV countless times to many different stores with no luck what-so-ever! 10months later after moving back here I can finally say: 'I'M EMPLOYED!!!!!'

Yeee...*thumb's up*

I applied for an Assistant Manager position that came up in a fashion retail store about 3weeks ago in my town. Since then I've been on 2 interviews and got told last week they are filling it internally (extremely annoying but undertstandable as I'd want the opportunity to move up also if I was working there). They said however they really liked me and want me to be their part-time merchandiser in store! Not quite the position and hours I aimed for but I love merchandising and working in retail so I said yes and obviously, it's a job offer so I'm not going to say no! I've got my foot in the door and that's what counts! I'm now employed people! WooHoo! I start next week and am super excited! Finally!! I'm just not the kind of girl that's cut out for unemployment and living on minimal income. LOL.

Vanilla latte and french chocolate crepe with cream... Yum!

I was in town today with a friend and started craving a traditional french crepe and coffee. I decided to give in and go for it.

My Outfit Of Today:
♥Jumper- Glassons
♥White Singlet- Topshop
♥Jeggings: Topshop

♥Necklace- Awear
♥Bracelets- Topshop
♥Shoes- Glassons

So glad I've FINALLY got a job, I can't wait to start. Will keep you all updated on how it goes.


  1. Ooooooo I have that all or nothing top! don't know where it is though lol :(. YAY for getting a job!!!!! It sounds amazing. at least it's part time so you get loads of free time as well lol. I am dreading my interview tomorrow, but hopefully they'll have me lol! xoxoox

  2. Thanks Jane:D
    You'll do great at your interview:D Lots of luck coming your way! Let us know how it goes:D Yeah part-time will be good, spec with getting the hang of working again! Haha, gotta love Topshop! I miss it so much!:( xx

  3. Yay, congrats on the job :) that's all very exciting, I'm sure you'll do great! I love the shoes btw :) xx

  4. I love your outfit :) And congrats on the job! xxx


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