Monthly Favourite's for March

Thought I'd let you guys see what I've currently been loving this month...

From top left through to bottom right..

Batise Dry Shampoo- I don't use this everyday but every 3day's or so when my hair needs abit of lift and freshness. Tick's all the right boxes for a great dry shampoo.
Moroccanoil- I've been using this for about 2-3months now and I lovvit, it makes my hair so soft and shiny and it's one of my favourite hair products.
Mac 129 Brush- I've been using this brush lately to apply my Mac powder and it helps me use less product and applys product smoothly.
Garnier Nutritionist, Eye Roll on- When I started work I didn't get much sleep and I got dark circles under my eyes and this worked great for getting rid of the dark circles and puffyness. I use it before bed and and before I apply my make-up in the mornings.
Bobbi Brown Blush, Peony 16- Using this blush so often this month for a pinky flushed look.
OPI'S Short Story's- Been on my toe's all month. I love this shade!
St Moriz Tan- The seasons are changing and it's getting cooler, looking a little pasty so I've been applying my favourite fake tan again and I still Lovvitt from the first time I tried it.
YSL Elle Perfume- My all time favourite perfume! Not only is it my name but the smell is AMAZING! Its pretty pricey so I've been useing it sparingly as I'm running low, but its so damn good I've been spritzing it so often this month.
Cetaphil, Oily Skin Cleaner- Been useing this for awhile and it's really good with not drying out my skin and keeping it clean and clear of imperfections.
Nivea Hydro Care- With the cooler season change my lips have been very dry so this lipbalm is great for re-moisturising them.
Beauty Rush, Victoria's Secret, I Want Candy Lipgloss- All time favourite lipgloss ATM, looks great and also tastes great! (Though I wouldn't recommend eating it!)
Revlon 002 Pink Pout- I don't like wearing this lippy alone as its a matte finish but with the Beauty Rush Lipgloss, its my favourite shade and lip combo!

My lip combo of the month- I've been wearing this everyday and I love these two products together. I'm going to try 'Snob' by Mac when I next make it upto Auckland as it's a creamier finish and I've heard, the exact colour shade as the pink pout. The Revlon lippy has a Matte finish and is too drying for me wearing it alone. I've been really loving wearing it everyday.

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  1. I really want to try Moroccanoil, and I love the lip combo! Gorgeous!


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