Mini Haul

I wanna start this blog with a huge THANK YOU to everyone following me on here so far as it started to look like I was writing an online diary from time to time, from me to me! It's so good to know I'm not talking to myself anymore!
I have a few things to show everyone from what I've brought in the last couple weeks. I think its always good to treat yourself every now and again no matter your situation, just to keep yourself from going mental.

This lace dress from Supre that was originally $35 (rip off if you ask me for something see through but anywayyy..) went on sale for $10 and the day I brought it it had an extra 50% off the sale so I got it for $5. Score!

Supre Lace Dress $5.00
A good friend of mine just turned 21 and is having her celebrations this weekend so I'm thinking of wearing this outfit with added accessories. Outfit for $5.00, Not bad! Also I'm wearing a plain black long singlet top underneath if i wasn't.. well you'd see my lovely under garments through the patten on the second picture.

 I found somthing perfect to spend a gift voucher I recently got. I've had my eye on for a little while..

Faux Fur Vest Glassons $50.00
Super cute and really warm, especially for winter coming up. I lovvitt!

I've been looking for a pair of black feather earrings for awhile so when they came into Glassons I snapped them up right away.

Black Feather Earrings Glassons $12.99
Simple.. There cute and great for dressing up an outfit.

If you have read my previous Paul's Boutique post then you would recognize this bag. I fell in love, saved up, found it on ebay and ordered it! It's limited edition so only on selected websites now. It's second hand but in great condition. I sent it to my brothers girlfriend who's currently living in the UK (saving me spending an extra $80 for P&P) and who is traveling here shortly.

Paul's Boutique Pink Barbie Bag Limited Edition
I'm very excited too getting my new stunning pink bag and also for Chloe getting here. It's bright and outgoing... but so am I. Perfect match!

I just wanted to share with everyone my mini haul of recent buys as I know I like reading/ looking at these posts.
Hope you enjoyed.


  1. hey honey, thanks for a comment! i am now your new follower! i am glad that you are finally getting the bag you wanted <3 i was thinking to get a bright pink barbie bag but in different style although i decided to get a black version of yours anyway (: it is a pretty big bag. im sure you would love it if you are a shopaholic like mee !xx

  2. Thanks babes!:) I was going to get the black like yours in this bag but it sold and I figured I loved the pink one from the start but was unsure of the colour.. just went for it! Can't wait to get it! Def a shopaholic and keep everything in my handbag:D xxx

  3. I LOVE that furry vest <3 its so cute!!! xoxox

  4. Love the haul and the little furry vest is so adorable!
    You have a great blog and I was wondering if you are interesting in following each other!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  5. Oh everything is so gorgeous!! I only just started my blog today :) I'll definitely be following you!

  6. you are stunning!!and that figure!?! my goshh x

  7. Lovely buys!! :)
    so jealouss!! xxx xxx

  8. Thanks for the comments girls, you's are all lovely:D xx


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