Me & my hair... What a story!

First off.. I want to apologize for the posey pictures and strong amount of pouting, LOL I have warned you..

Naturally I have very curly (tight ringleted), think, frizzy, medium brown hair. It annoyed me so much when I was in primary and high school because I was teased about how huge (fro huge) it was.
I couldn't do much with it so told my mum I was going to shave it off and wear wigs! My hair was long back then (down to my bum and beautifully curly now that i look back on pictures) mum obviously didnt want me to shave it off, so she made me an appointment to get it straightened every once in awhile and eventually found a hairdresser that did 3month permanent straightening, so we tried it out. I remember the first time I had it done, I was beyond happy! I kept getting the 3months permanent straightening for about a year, but later noticed how light my hair was going and realised it had stripped my natural colour and started thinning my hair from it
I was happy enough to stop getting this done by then because I purchased straighteners and taught myself how to do my own hair without bugging my mum to do it all the time... It may have taken me 3hours to do it myself but I was happy doing it for the end result..

Just before I left NZ when I was 16, I wanted a change so asked my hairdresser too cut my hair shoulder length and highlight it blonde, (she loved my long curly hair and rarely ever wanted to do anything I ever asked her too do, very annoying!) she finally said 'yes' to the cut but 'no way' to the highlights, as it would ruin my hair (not sure why as it wasnt in bad condition at all from what i can remember- this was awhile after getting it permanent straightened) instead she put red chunky streaks in... I look back now and think what were we both thinking!? Loved the cut at the time tho.

My Life Of Hair In Pictures:

When I moved to N.I I got extensions and dyed my hair brown, that stayed for a little while..

.. untill I found a hairdresser that highlighted my hair for me.. I kept going and getting full head mesh untill I achieved this full head of blonde.. I wore extensions most of the time.
I think its just the case when your a brunette, you need to go blonde so you can say you've tried it and to get it out of your system..

Eventually I got bored and wanted the white/bleached hair look so asked for an all over colour.. when my hairdresser said no.. I did it myself. *Back then i didn't know too much about keeping hair in tip top condition*. When I bleached it, it went a yellow/ white shade so I dyed it every week or two untill it was the colour i wanted.. Big nightmare! I'm sure you can well imagine how 'healthy' it must of been. I was this shade for about 1- 2 years with extensions down to my bottom, i did really like this look at the time..

After my 18th birthday I decided I wanted a change so dyed it back to brown. This was the year of Rihanna's famous short on one side hair look.. My hairdresser wanted to cut my hair this way but I said no for now and opted for a bob.. loved it for about a month then went back in for the Riri cut! This style was prob my favourite for awhile and I think I really did suit it but I just get too damn bored for my own good and later regretted cutting my hair so short.. again extensions came and went, I had days when I loved and hated this style and everytime I tried to grow it out I decided to get it cut again..

I kept it brown and tried growing it out for while, putting extensions in ment I didnt have to look at the 'growing out ugly stage'..

At 19 I took the extensions back out and had my natural colour for a little while.. Highlighted it blonde.. liked this color and said I'd keep it for awhile but a month or two later got it cut up and dyed dark.. loving the short craze all over again!

Here I had a red short extension stage and decided to let it grow out..
My natural hair length and colour in the first picture, wee brown bob.. then yes more extensions and dyed darker brown/ black. The last pictures were around my 20th.

First and second pictures are over 6months ago, no extensions and dark dye fading..
Last two pictures I was inspired by Riri again and went back to red, (not as bright as her).. mines a dark auburny purple, red.. this is my current colour now with extensions.. I've had it this colour for about 4months now..

This is my natural hair length with no extensions. It's getting long YAY! (long for me anyway LOL) It's actually still quite dark red but you can't see it too well from this webcam picture.

Guess what now guys... I'm bored with it again! I like the red but was thinking of dying it back to a light brown natural colour for awhile and eventually getting a few highlights.
It's like I have A.D.D with my hair. My hair has grown so much now but I want it about another few inchs (rib area) before ill be happy enough to not wear extensions. I use good products on my hair and besides straightening and dying take the best care I can with it.

I know it's a long post but I love these posts, seeing old pictures, hair mistakes and ideas..
 What's your hair story??


  1. Wow!! You have had so many different colours and cuts!! You really suited the short Rihanna cut, it looks so good! I also love the colour of your hair right now, its a gorgeous colour.

    My hair story is pretty boring!! The most dramatic it has ever gone is from brown to black, to light brown, back to dark brown!! I also have always had really long hair, up until last year I cut it back quite a bit, but it is still very long!! Don't worry your hair will start growing really quick soon. I find most people have a tough time getting pasts the shoulders, but once you are there, it grows really quick! :) xx

  2. Oh wow, like me, you hair has gone through a lot hehe! Sometimes, I would like to try blonde hair, but I'm too afraid of the damage I've previously inflicted to my hair with the bleach x


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