Haul and OPI

I get gel overlays on my natural nails to keep them from breaking, there growing out and starting to look a little lifeless so I spruced them up a little by painting my tips with OPI's 'Do You Lilic It' Love this colour it's one of my favourites!

So if you've read my previous blog you would know I start my job tomorrow! YAY! Very excited but nervous too.. I was given a clothing allowence for getting into work which I was very happy about because it let me buy some new stock, clothing to get started while I'm there for the first few weeks..
This is what I got..

Black waterfall blouse/ jacket.
♥Jacket- $49.99

I loved these shorts so much that I got them in both colours- Navy and a nude/gold colour.
♥Shorts- $29.99

I also got two plain single tops in the same navy and nude/gold colours. Pairing them together with the shorts makes them look like jumpsuits plus you can never have too many basics!
♥Singlet tops- 2 for $20.00

Blue jumper, cute and warm for winter.
♥Jumper- $49.99

Cropped white shirt with lace detail back.
Also I love scarfs so got this one..
♥White shirt- $39.99
♥Scarf- $19.99

So that's me sorted for a little while with new stock to promote to everyone! Wish me luck!!


  1. Cute blog! Love all the clothes, especially the blue jumper. It looks so comfy xx

  2. That nail polish is soo nice, I will have to get it! It's hard to find really pretty purples. Also, those shorts are so adorable! You can pair them with so many things! Goodluck on your first day, you'll do great :)

  3. i know i totally agree with you ! gourgeous nails; love the colour hun xxxxx

  4. I like the outfits! :)
    Please follow & comment back!


  5. hey honey, me too. i really want that nude colour and other pinks (: i put a link at the top of the post so you can go check it out xx


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