Colder month's are approaching..

Heya babes, how's everyone this week?
I brought a wee beige beanie yesturday for the approaching colder seasons..

 I'm actually really looking forward to Autum and Winter.. Is that weird? LOL I love the cuter, warmer season clothes, cute booties and winter jackets. Also time to save up and purchase a pair of Australian Ugg Boots..

Plusssss its my 21st birthday in May and I'm sooo excited!! Even though I have no idea what I'm doing for it yet! I had a few ideas of either getting a bunch of friends and setting up a mini Marquee in the back yard (problem is it will be abit chilly), Orrrr Auckland with a few girlfriend's for drinks and shopping. I spose I have lots of time too think about it!

I always said I would go to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday, sadly with moving and only getting a job now there is no way I could save enough money for May! (Plus I'm one of the oldest out of my friends so would have too wait for a few of them too turn 21 anyway!) One of my bestfriends has her 21st birthday next year and wants to go to Las Vegas for it, we've talked about planning a hoilday to go, so hopefully I will get there one day!!

Next week I'm super excited because my older brothers girlfriend is coming to NZ from N.Ireland!! I haven't meet her before but we have talked heaps in the last few months and she seems awsome and we get on really well! Plus shes bringing me over my Pauls Boutique bag that I ordered. Canny wait!!
I get my new pretty bag and a good friend. I'm in need of a girly nights filled with dvds, junk food, sweeties, shopping days and cocktail nights out!


  1. I love how you can't wait for winter and im going crazy for summer!! lol! GO TO LAS VEGAS. It's amazing. The hottest place ive ever been to. Is your brothers gf coming to live or just visit!? xoxoxo

  2. my birthday is pretty soon (: its in april hehe. i want to go america as well ! its my dream country to work in the future(;

  3. I loooove the beanie, it really really suits you!!! I nominated you for the versatile blogger award :)

  4. Jane- Chloe is coming over for 5month hoilday then she's going back to N.Ireland for uni. My brother is going back with her then too so I may be tempted to head back then also! xxxxxxx

    Anna Bell- Me too I love America, been a few times but would love to live there for a year or so.xxxxxxx

    Hannah Michelle- Thank You so much!!:D I did the post on it. xxxxxxx


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