500 kilometers got me...

So I traveled upto Auckland on Sunday with a friend.
It usually takes 3 hours to reach my Aunty's home in Auckland from were I live. We got there in good time but found ourselves traveling around for another hour lost on the motorway.. now I love Auckland, the city is more me. The motorways however.. NIGHTMARE! (I'm buying a sat nav for next time I'm going up there!!)
When we finally found my Aunty's house we emptyed my car of our bags then went for some food. We got a Wendy's, I've seen it advertised on TV and hadn't tried it so thought we would go for it for a change! I got to say it was so yummy & the drinks were HUGE!

 Me looking extremely tired and ill.. as you can tell, no make-up up keep today! MY BAD!

I've had the cold the last few days and feeling super crap.
I went back to my Auntys and slept for another few hours, got up around 9am and got ready to find the MAC store!
Unfortunately it's pay day on wednesday so I only had my savings to spend. I only purchaced 3 items..

 ♥ Powerpoint Pencil Liner - Engraved
 ♥Studio Fix Fluid - NC30
 ♥Studio Fix Powder - NC35
It also gave me a chance too make a mental checklist of all the other items I want to buy the next time I'm there!
Let the make-up saving begin!

On the drive home I had the new Adele CD playing and had track 3, 4 and 5 on repeat! SADO!! Lol
So 500 kilometers got me.. lost, an empty tank of gas, tiredness still with a bad cold and then mac.. one good thing!

So I attempted to dye my hair back to brown last week.

I used this chestnut, light brown colour. I know I should of gone darker to cover the red but thought I would try anyway as I hate when I dye my hair medium brown and it turns out black! Not ideal!

My roots went the perfect colour but the rest is still red! It's definitely gone darker but is not completely brown or the full colour I want. I'll leave it for a few weeks and dye it again soon, this time in a darker shade!


This week I need to book appointment's for my gel nails to be refilled and an eyebrow wax/shape. I've been growning my eyebrows so I can get them waxed and don't need to pluck them all the time! They are well and truely a mess and I feel so weird with them being currently so un-controlled!

Also, been working for a week now, it's not too bad, still getting the hang of things and getting to know the girls.
Hope I get better soon, gotta hate feeling ill and upset, not great mix's.


  1. im so hungry you made me want to eat wendys ! lol is mac studio fix fluid good? ive never tried it before x

  2. and thanks for such a nice comment (: i am moving on cuz of people that ive talked to. and i learnt that its always the best to talk to somebody when i have problems (: thanks alot honey. i love your blog too and i always check it as well heheh x

  3. i love Mac ) sure its the best cosmetic for me. even if i do not use it a lot. only mascara)
    i started to follow u
    nice blog
    it will be great if u follow me too)


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