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So i have a new current obsession.. an obsession were i check websites daily (and about 7times in a day) to see if new bags have been added, It's a brand called Paul's Boutique, those who do not live in the UK may not of heard of it. I myself have just returned to New Zealand after living in the UK, (Northern Ireland), so I am absolutely kicking myself that i did not purchase one of these gorgeous bags while i was living there as it would of been 10times eaiser getting my hands on one!

I purchased this one I fell in love with for christmas:

When the bag finally arrived - after a very disappointing wait of 3weeks... I was even more disappointed when i opened it and it was the wrong bag!! They sent me this bag but with a white badge and a red heart- in my option a completely different bag! I liked it but it wasn't the one i ordered and to me the red heart on white background was very harsh, when i sent it back it cost me $56 for a tracking delivery! This has strongly put me off wanting to purchase online as the return delivery is too expencive. Such a disappointment but i blame the website and not the brand. I wish the offical website did internationl delivery!! 

I have been looking on other websites and have not again found this particular bag above but I have found another one I love and a purse to go with it!! So my plan is to save, save, save and order them both! Or my birthday is coming up in may... Hmmm...


♥ Oversized Tilly Twister - Navy and Pink

♥Ruby - Muted Leopard with gold trim

♥ LOVE!!

Also in this range is more beautiful bags that I thought were worth showing you all, if I could have them all.. I would love everyone of them!

 What do you guy's think??

I ♥ Paul's Boutique

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  1. hello! hope you still remember me but you commented me a few weeks ago.
    sorry for a late late reply! but i was away to japan and didnt really have time to reply to your comment:(

    im glad you liked my blog <3 im so sorry to hear that you got a wrong bag :( that sucks alot... i have that bag above the hot pink one (: xx


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