Oops, I Did It Again..

I changed my hair... agagin, yes, yes again for the what.. 117th time??

I got abit bored of my black hair with coming into spring/ summer I wanted to feel lighter and brighter, sooo I got a bleach wash and stripped all the black out!! YAY!

I then asked to go to a medium- light brown with honey blonde foils through the underneath of my hair.. It's been 5days and I lovvit!! Puts me in the mood for summer sun even more!!


Novemeber, December & January are busy busy months for me, and poor months too!!
Novemeber I have a few friends birthday's, December is my boyfriends birthday and January I'm coming to Aussie!! Wooo, Not moving yet (which is in the plans for next year, *March- time, stay tuned for that*)
Just 1 week away with my family, in the sun to visit my big brother and his family. Canny wait!!

-I have my work-staff night out, sounds like its gonna be all sorts of crazy fun!

-Boyfriends Birthday- 21st!! Wooo, I won't be considered a cougar anymore! Haha.. I'm on cake duty and yesturday I just brought all the cupcake holders!! I LOVE baking and I'm kinda a perfectionest so looking forward to making his cupcake tower the coolest looking thing ever!! Also I'm just getting last bits and bobs of his pressies and sorting out the details like the food colouring for the cakes and wrapping paper.
I'm just about as excited as him!!

-My favourite cousins wedding!! Pretty dress, roadtrip away up north, excites, excites!!

A little hazy on the details of this month but I've booked a week off for a hoilday away with the family, very excited!! I am moving to Aussie next year to live, just sorting out details like when and were!! But whats important is that I'll be reunited and in the same country as my best friend again!!


Introducing: Casey!

Hello Everyone!!

I wanted to do a wee blog for ya'll today to introduce you too my beautiful friend

We went to highschool together but have just gotten really close the last few months!
She's a wee rocket and SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

I love how you can just click with new or re-unite with old friends and it's like they were never, not apart of your life.

I love her to bits! Shes a wee babe. I love having her in my life.

So this is my personal shout out to her to say.. 'Girl your amazing, just the way you are' :)

What Have I Been Upto??

Hey Friends!!
How is everybody?!?!?!?!?!

What's been happening in my life lately??

Lots of fun nights out with fun babes..

I got a promotion in work! I'm now 3rd in charge!! YAY!

Kaz and I had our 3month ♥

Kaz's 21st Birthday is coming up and I'm on cake duty.. I've been practicing with baking some yummy cupcakes..

Still loving life and everyone in it.
''Be Happy Beautiful''

Fab Weekend Spent With Fab People

Hey Guys!
I just spend the best weekend with great friends. 5 of us including my boyfriend and I, went on a 7hour roadtrip down to Wellington where my friend lives and was spending her 21st. It was great fun and laughs in the car, minus being cramped up for 7hours!

Past the pretty snowy mountains..

 Bathroom and strech-our-legs breaks..

When we finally arrived, we set up camp at a friends place, went for walks and enjoyed what was left of the sunny afternoon.

Saturday morning we went to the musuem for a wee look see before shopping. These photos were taken more on the roof of the place than inside.. but it was still a good time!

Shopping was were I managed to find and fit in, yet another pair of shoes too my collection..

Then on with the night were a few drinks were consumed and alot of fun was had!

Love all you babes! Hope you had the best weekend.

''make everyday above ground a good day''


Eyelash Extensions and Hair

Hey Beautys!

A few weeks ago my hair and beauty salon text me about an offer they were having on there eyelash extentions.. 30% off!! I decided since I wear lashes every time I go out and constantly long for massive lashes I would go for it and booked myself an appointment!
Un-fortuanly that week I was abit slack and didn't take any before and after photos! (Sorry)

I loved the length of the lashes that were applied but was abit annoyed that they feel out too often and too quickly that by the time 2weeks came for a refill I had about 8 lashes left to each eye! Not quite impressed!

My friend from work came in and had extensions done by a different lady who did them at home. Impressed with the way her's were and being told about how long hers have lasted I booked in for mine to be re-done, hopful that they would turn out as good as my friends.

This time I have some pictures for ya'll!!



I am so happy with the results. It has been 5days since I got them done and only 2 have fallen out. It did take longer for them to be applied this time as the lady is a perfectionest and takes her time (which I love, because I get results like this)
The false single lash that was applied is a differnt more curved and slightly thicker lash then the one used at the salon.
I LOVE them and think it could be a new addiction added to my beauty treatments!!

I also started getting my gel overlays on my nails again and feel 110% better having them back in my life!!

Also you may notice my blunt fringe that I got cut just over a month ago, I have let grow out. Even though I liked it alot, I am loving the way my fringe has been sitting to the side lately.

ALSO... I think I am getting itchy feet and need to change my hair again?? I'm thinking of going a dark-medium brown or getting copper- medium brown streaks through my current colour and extensions and a few choppy layers so I can get some height up in there!!

Hair crazy.. never ends!!

In Need Of A Little Pick-Me-Up

I try everyday to be happy and confident. Though it seems even when we try our hardest, no one can always be happy every minute of everyday, unfortuntaly somthing always comes up.
Ya just gotta keep on keeping on!
Pick your self up!

If you fall down seven times.. Stand up eight!

Go get your hair or nails done. Always feel pretty and put yourself first. You deserve to be happy.


xoxox - E

That Thing Called Life..

Go with the flow, laugh tons, use manners, and try something new. Will you just kiss him already? Trust your feelings, spend your cash, introduce yourself, take a chance, study hard, seek happiness, and regret nothing. Don't laugh at people's dreams, make a wish on 11:11, challenge yourself, take pictures and appreciate the memories. You should make time to dance in your underwear, and learn from the past. Play dress up and then take all your clothes off.
Have the time of your life.

Live, Laugh, Love

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