February: Wishlist

Wish lists, online shopping carts, and making lists for me are never ending. Weather they are make-up, hair, clothes, shoes, accessories, skincare, tools, toys, gadgets... I could go on but you get the picture right?

Don't get me wrong, at the top of the list are things like health, love, wealth and practical everyday and life things, but for today were talking about the superficial side of life. The colourful, bright fun side that make my obsessions grow and my bank account decrease.

Here's a peak into some of the things that are on the top of my current wish lists.


GLAM GLOW: Supermud clearing treatment mask
MAC: Mineralize charged water moisturise
MAC: Prep + Prime line filler
PHILOSOPHY: Purity made simple facial  cleanser
PHILOSOPHY: Hope in a Jar facial moisturiser

My skin has been up in down in the way it's been acting lately. I have combination to oily skin that has recently been very dry around my chin/ cheeks area and I also have milla, blemishes and dark pigmentation from previous blemish scarring. Also as it's turned the new year that means another year older and getting into my mid 20 something's and worrying about things like fine lines and wrinkles! Eeekk!!!

In my wish list for skincare are things to help me keep blemishes at bay and keep my oiliness under control while also trying to moisturise to help with my extreme dry patches and finally my fine lines under my eyes that have recently gotten more pronounced.


NARS: Bronzing powder in Casino
NARS: Highlighting blush powder in Albatross
NARS: Pressed powder in Beach
NARS: Creamy radiant concealer in Custard
BENEFIT: Hello Flawless foundation in I'm so money honey.
BENEFIT: The POREfessional in agent zero shine powder
URBAN DECAY: Naked basics pallet
LAURA MERCIER: Silk creme foundation in medium ivory

My make-up wish list I think is the main list that is endless. It's my obsession, my love, my passion and my weakness. 15+ of the same product in different shades and by different brands... Arghhh, just give it too me now, please!! I could happily talk and shop for make-up all day long. On my days off or if I'm bored I just continue to search and add too my wish list.


HAIR: Ombre and Extensions 
KAREN WALKER: Daisy ring
BELLAMI HAIR: 6 in 1 curling wand

Lastly is my wish list for materialistic things. My handbag collection is another area that proberly doesn't need added too yet I always find a replacement for. I haven't yet spend up large for a handbag quite as expensive as the one on my list here so really it could be a first? Or am I just making excuses for myself now? I've wanted this bag since forever so now just to save and get the beautiful bad boy!
QUICK FACT: My favourite youtube videos are the "what's in my handbag" types.
They are so interesting and to be honest, who doesn't want a noisy look into what other women carry around day to day? I haven't yet filmed one of these videos but think I will one day soon. Or at least blog it, since that's what I've been 'feeling' lately.

A Michael Kors watch because all mine are broken and I need one for work to keep an eye on the time and the running of the day. This gold one I'm wanting is come serious eye candy, yet still classic and beautiful that'll go with anything. Another item I've wanted for the longest time.

Hair curling tongs. Sometimes I want a bigger, more natural and messy or even tighter curls that I can't create with my GHDs. I have heard lots of good reviews about the Bellami Hair 6 and 1 curling wand so I need to get my hands on it and try it out!

Another Karen Walker ring because they are too cute too pass up! The Daisy ring is next on my list from this beautiful jewellery brand.

Lastly I need some new extensions in my life as my old ones are starting too matt up and are looking very old and dry. Can't wait to purchase new ones from foxylocksextensions.com . Also to get my ombre re-done. Mine has washed out so fast since I got it done because of how light my hair was previously and it's starting too look like I just have roots!! Let's freshen up!!!

I hope you enjoyed this look into my wish list beautys.
What top items are on your wish list?

Sundays Were Made For Pampering

Hi Beauty's!

Sundays = Pamper Sessions.

For me Sundays mean not only is it the end of the week were its time to relax, but it means a day off! Maybe for you Sundays are a day to recover from a hangover, get over the crazy, busy work week you just had. Family day or a day spent with God. It could even be the a start to your work / school week. Whatever the case I believe Sundays were made for pampering. Pampering that gets you ready to conquer your next week ahead.

So break out your nail polishes, face masks and comfy pants & welcome to my sunday sessions.

If my partner has Sundays off we usually have the day together watching movies, taking our dog for a long walk in the redwoods or disappearing on an adventure/ road trip away somewhere fun.

However if I have Sundays to myself I prepare for the week. My work week starts on Tuesdays so usually I clean my house, go for a walk with my dog Beau, then treat myself like a Queen.

My favourite things and recommendations for Sundays:

Cleanse Your Skin
I start by cleansing and cleaning my skin, using my clarisonic for a great deep clean. I can't recommend this product enough! It is defiantly a luxury skincare tool but if you save up and get one, you won't regret it!

Face Masks
Too follow up from cleansing your skin I like to put on a face mask. My skin in particular lately has been breaking out and I like to help it out by using a deep pore cleaning mask. Its perfect for pamper Sundays because it prepares your skin for the week.
Quick Tip: I like to put a face mask on before I hop into the shower so its eaiser to wash off.

Wash Your Hair & Put On A Hair Mask 
If you have crazy, curly, unruly hair that takes you 2hours to wash, blow-dry and straighten your hair then your days off are beyond perfect for this. I use several different products in my hair to help it get back into tip top shape after having bleach in it, so hair masks are essential. I smother my hair in one and let it sink in while I shave and exfoliate the rest of my skin.

Shave & Exfoilaite 
While waiting on purple shampoo to work its magic on your blonde hair or for your hair mask to soak in I occupy myself by exfoliating my skin using exfoliation mits followed by my new favourite product- Frank Scrub!!! It works wonders on making your skin baby soft and preparing your skin, follow this up with shaving your legs and underarms and voila!

When your out of the shower follow up by drenching your skin in moisturiser. Make sure its smells extra yum so it oozes out of your pores all day.
Quick Tip: Rub in and then layer moisturiser on your feet and cover them with big fluffy bed socks. This locks in the moister and keeps your feet soft and keeps that dry, flakey skin at bay.

Pluck Your Eyebrows
After the shower is the perfect time to pluck your eyebrows, this is because your pores are open after the heat and it tends to let the hair come out easier. I pluck out any stray hairs that ruin my makeup highlight and need to get off my face!

Blow-Dry & Style Your Hair
After my hair has air dried for a little while I add in all the products to save it from heat damage. Unfortunately I have to straighten my hair every time I wash it or it'll stay frizzy and knotty. So I finish it with a blow wave and a GHD finish.

Give Yourself A Manicure and Pedicure
My favourite part! My nails!!! I sit down and get some inspiration off pinterest of how I want to design my claws for the week.  Don't forget to start with a base code, use 2-3 coats of the colour your using then finish with a rapid quick dry top coat.

If I'm staying in for the day I then follow up with a few girly movies and chill out with my dog. Girly movies are the best and make me feel good by how cheesy and amazing they are!!!

But if I have plans and leave the house I take my time and put my make-up on for an hour or so... follow up with a few selfies and bamb! Hello new profile picture. Haha.

Treating yourself every now and again is important. Its a great way to make yourself feel better after a busy maybe even stressful week and I recommend a Sunday or "Day Off Session" to anybody, anyday.



Forever & A Day

Hello my beautiful Bunnys!

It has been, oh so long since I have put pen to paper... or in this case, finger to key to write a blog post! Forgive me! I got caught up in life and started youtube which has also been neglected for life lately.

I went through some of my old blog posts yesterday and realised suddenly how much I missed writing and uploading and how fricken much I enjoyed doing it!

So lets catch up!

First off here is my youtube channel:

I finally started one!!! Wooo!!!!
Also something Im working on. Keep on keeping on girls!! All your support helps me.

I got a promotion!! To store manager! 

Heres a picture I uploaded for when my freshly available assistant manager position became available when I accepted Manager.. This actually made me cry. I love my position, but onto bigger and better things!

I'm blonde again...

Ummm... whoops!! It happened.. if you used to follow me you know its an ongoing thing with me.. I like change? What can ya do!

My puppy is HUGE now... my last post on here was the day we brought him, all tiny and fluffy.. now hes 6KGs and got his mum and dad wrapped around his 4 paws.

Still loved up with my Ginger boyfie...

&&& still loving life, just heaps busy, trying to get it all together..

Stay turned, I don't want to make promises but for now. I'm here if you'd like a read every now and again, keep coming back! :)

Love, hugs and kisses.

Elle xo

Introducing: Beau Django

Here's your introduction world to my beautiful little fur baby Beau Django!!!

He's the cutest lil guy but sooo naughty, as any new puppy I'm sure!!
He's been keeping me busy the last few weeks so that's why blogging posts has been low. He likes to keep me up at night and run me tired!!

I've had him for a few weeks now and he's growing so fast!! He's a Jack Russell, Foxie cross and he's the cutest little fluff ball around!!

We're moving house in a month or so, so Beau will properly get all naughty all over again and play up until he's re-settled in with him Mummy and Daddy, (Me and Kaz that is).

Have a great week everyone!!!

Also been thinking alot about starting YouTube- but well talk about this at a later date shall we!!

Need A Laugh???

Hey Beauties,

Heres a video I found on YouTube which I think is tots adorable and super funny!!! 
Check it out!

Hahaha.. Happy late Saturday giggles.

25 Random Facts About Moi

Hey Beauties!
I just read this Tag on one of my friends blogs here in the blogging world beautyandlouise.blogspot.com and thought I would do the tag myself! I've done 2 of these in the past I think so heres an updated one!
So here it is, 25 random facts about me!
Enjoy getting to know!

1) I hate grass!! My boyfriend threatens to put me on it when we're mucking around and he wants to be mean- he's done it before and I cried! Haha, I legit HATE grass, can't walk barefoot on it and I prefer sunbathing on a towel, on top of concrete!!

2) I used to dress gothic (without believing in the dark side and all that bull crap). Now, I'm like the girliest person I know.

3) I'm a very experienced traveller, started moving countries from age 2 and plan to travel loads more with my partner in the future. Too my many friends scattered around the world- I'm coming for a visit!!

4) I change my hair more than I change my undies.

5) I over think and over analyse EVERYTHING in my head.

6) I believe a baby can't have a baby and I'm still a baby. Oh, and I really don't like children! Ill like my own, but I can wait a few years.

7) I get jealous easily because whats mine is mine. Don't think I won't punch you in the face!

8) I will punch you in the face. Fact.

9) I'm stubborn as hell but most of the time I'm always right and that's why I can afford to be stubborn.

10) I take risks in fashion and beauty. I try new things even when people say somethings ugly or won't suit anyone. I like to change their opinion.

11) Partly to do with fact 10- I cannot stand small minded people. Think outside your box!!

12) I don't need to drink alcohol to go out, dance and have a good time. I'm outgoing, wild and crazy on coka- cola or water!!

13) I'm pretty straight up and say whats on my mind. I can come across a bitch but some people need honesty sometimes.

14) I wear make up because its something I enjoy, something i wanna do, a passion of mine and dammitt because I'm good at it!

15) I'm a great driver... With heavy, heavy, swearing, finger pulling, skilled, loud road rage!!

16) I believe a cup of tea can fix most things.

17) I believe if plan A doesn't work that there's always plan B.

18) I work hard for what I have, what I want and what I get.

19) I can smell smoke from a mile away- I hate fire.

20) I don't think anyone should leave there house in PJs or go shopping in gym clothes. PJs are for bed. Gym rags are for the gym. End of discussion.

21) I hate when people are two faced. Its something I do not believe in being. Without being a complete snobby cow the very few unloved ones of me, they will know I strongly dislike them!

22) I do not like odd numbers except 5 or anything that ends in a 5. That odd lil bugger is all good with me.

23) I hate the word HATE but I use it too often. Example: above all my hate facts^^^.

24) If I could go back and change things in my life I wouldn't. Even the bad things. I truly believe I wouldn't be me and things wouldn't have turned out the same if they were different.

25)I'm in love! With my life, with everything that I've been through. I'm in love with my boyfriend and wouldn't change him for the world. I'm in love with my family and all the things I have. I love this crazy, beautiful life and I thank God every day for it!!

So that's 25 random ass facts about lil old me. Pass it on! Do the tag and find out a few things you didn't know from a few people you follow.

Let me know if you do, do it. I find them super interesting and would love to find out a few things about you!

Healthy Hair Update: Jan 2013

I got that purple fever!!!

So no surprise too most of you who follow me and know how bored I get with my hair... but I got bored again and dyed it!!! This time, Purple!!!

I love it! It's quite a dark shade and you can only truly see the purple in decent light or in bright day light but I really like the change.

I've been thinking about taking the purple plunge for a while now so took a wee oath and did it. Hopefully it'll get brighter but so far I'm enjoying the slight difference of colour.

Also since I haven't done a healthy hair update in forever I thought I would show you the current length of my hair.

This is it through a filter that brightens the shade of purple... quite cool if it stayed like this 24/7!!!

Getting longer!!!

I'm going to my hairdressers for a wash, cut and blow dry on Thursday. (A cut meaning a bare-minimal trim!)
Get rid of my split ends from my last hair special being ombre. I'm liking the length of my locks at the moment and haven't been attaching my extensions on. So very proud of myself!!

So that's the latest hair, change, news in the life of me!

How long will it last?? Place your bets!

Happy YOU Year!!

Hey Beauties!!

I know you hate me for not blogging in so long! I hate myself for it. My laptop has passed away and in between my boyfriend and I house jumping, and moving all our crap in between, plus working like a boss... I'm not gonna lie I've had no time!!

But I wanted to jump on and say happy 2013!! ( I'm only 26 days late) I hope you had a fab New Years!!

Let get into it.. Happy YOU Year!!

I decided to make a few changes in my life to make it better and to ensure I'm happy and on a good, natural buzz daily!!
 I suggest you do the same!! New year, new happier you right???
Damn Right!!!

If you have negative or toxic people in your life that bring you down- get rid of them. Block them out and make you happy and be your 100% self!!

I love my life and the small movements I've made to improve it! 
I wanna aim be a better version of myself everyday.

Create a life that's good on the inside as we'll as the outside. 

So!!! What's up with my new, happier, brighter self?? 

I got a payrise! Boom!! Because I'm awesome- haha no seriously that's the reason why!! ;)

My boyfriend and I are happy as can be and are celebrating our 2 years this year.. Lots of plans for us in between so ill keep you posted as they happen ;)

My hair is getting super long (for me, since I've had it cut up constantly) so I haven't been wearing extensions (WHATTTTT????!!!! I know!!) .
How many times can I change my hair this year?? Hmm today perhaps?

And  I'm legit living by my favourite quote-
Dress every day as if you were going to see your worse enemy. 


Have a great week beauty's, follow me on Instagram to keep up with me inbetween blogs- its were I upload daily pictures of my amazing life!

 Until next time!

Update And Were To Find Ellary

Hey my beauties!!

Sorry it's been awhile. Along with Christmas coming up and a heavy work load my laptop has decided it wants to have a long nap and never wake up!!!! So I'm currently blogging off my ipad which is kind of a harder thing to do!!! 

But I'm here updating you all until I replace my wee buddie!!

I've just returned from the busyest weekend spent up in Auckland for my favourite ginger boyfriends birthday celebrations. We escaped and took off to a city a few hours away from us to chill and keep up our tradition of visiting a zoo every one of our birthdays.
If your in Auckland- check it out!! 

Then we had a family birthday, went clubbing and then had to get up and pretty for a family photoshoot this morning!! Im a tad burnt now and under slept but all in all, it was tons of fun!!

Until I update y'all next time have a fabulous Christmas, spend it with friends and family! Be happy about the feeling of  giving and eat loads!!!!!

Stay happy :) 

You can find me here:

Instagram: @ellarys
(Updated daily, complete Instagram fean and lover!!!!)

Twitter: @SailorGirlElle

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ellarysplace

Sample Bar, What Goodies Did I Get??


If your unfamiliar with what Sample Bar is, basically its the New Zealand version of UK's GlossyBox.
Its a New Zealand subscription service you join to recieve samples from products and things to try out. So that if you like it, you can purchase the full size version of it, without making the commitment first, spending money and then eventually realising you don't like the product later.

I signed up a lil late and missed out on the first months box but this month I recieved mine and thought I'd blog and show everyone what goddies awaited me inside...
This is a New Zealand subscription service only but I'm sure there is one available or one coming to many other countries soon.
((Also, tots sorry for the crappy picture quality, when I expand a picture thats taken from my Iphone, it comes out a lil blurry, I need to learn to pack my camera in my bag and leave that baby in there!!! I was way too excited to wait till I got home to open it up so I strongly apologise!!))

So in this months goodie box, (which has the cutest packaging BTW), I got..

TRILOGY Self Tanning Gel
First of all- This is a 150ml bottle!!! Thats amazing for a ''sample'' box. Maybe each month they will include a full size product? But, either way, amazing!!
I've been wanting to re-purchase a fake tanner recently but just haven't gotten around to it. With the weather in New Zealand getting hot and the sun making its way out!! Unfortuntly today (my day off) I packed a bikni, went out to my parents place for some privacy and planned to lay in the sun all day and start on my natural tan.. the clouds hid the sun however and made this impossible for me! *Sadface*
So I haven't tried this product yet.. but I am going out with the girlies from work next weekend and this might make its first outting, so I'll keep ya'll posted on what I think.
The fact that sample bar included a fully sized bottle though.. Made me very excited!
LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
This is also a fairly good sample size of this moisturiser from Lush. Its a body conditioner that I've used a few times after having a shower. Its very thick and think it would be perfect on someone who has very dry skin. So far I like it, it smells nice, feels nice- though for me, think I wll just be using it on dry patches of my body like my elbows and knees as its abit thick and my skin doesn't get overly dry.

Next I got out this tiny, cute lipstick!
I love that its totally cute and little but the colour I recieved was a nudey- dark brown. The shade wasn't my favourite so I'll probably just give this to my Mum as I know she wears and likes alot of brown toned Lippys!
Other comments was that it tasted nice! Yes, I probs should not be eating it I know, but I licked my lips and discovered that it has the nicest taste too it! Haha If you got this try it out and tell me if yours was nice too!?
The formula lasted a good enough time on my lips and honestly if this was a pink or lighter nude shade I would honestly be keeping this product for myself!
MARVIS Sparemint toothpaste
This is quite a random thing, I thought, to put in a sample box but along I tried it anyway. It says its like the 'classy, chanel handbag' version of a toothpaste.
It comes in a few different flavours which I'm glad I didn't get- black liquorice flavoured toothpaste? No Thank You!! Haha but yes, for a tooth paste not too shabby!
Lastly I recieved the CARON Bump Eraiser Medi Paste. 
It was just a small packet with the product inside. Again I have not used this product yet but will defintly give it a try when I need to use it. Its a paste you rub on like an exfoilator and it helps get rid of and prevent ingrow hairs. Great for if you have that problem from useing a razor from shaving!!
So that was my monthly goodies I recieved from my Sample Box. So far I'm quite impressed, only paying NZ$25.00 and recieveing all this is well worth it, plus I think its great because it helps you randomly try out new products and brands you may not of thought of trying out before.
If you have a supscription service available to you in your country I'd recommend it if your a make-up & product lover like me!!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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